As if he were a little boy going to confession for the first time and forgetting everything that he had done, #Donald Trump made a mass apology to the American People on Friday. The apology was so general that it appeared that Trump believed that all that he had to do was to say that he had hurt some people's feelings and that he was sorry and he would be forgiven. It reminded this observer of President Jerry Ford's pardon of Nixon in 1974. As stated, the pardon was for "anything and everything" that Nixon "may have done" in his life prior to the pardon, but not for anything "specific" that Nixon had done.

A pardon for Trump?

Is Donald Trump inadvertently admitting that "anything" and "everything" that he has done rises to the level of his needing a pardon? If so, is he pardoning himself? Is he giving himself "absolution" as he apologizes?.

What is different in Trump's case from the traditional confession model is that Trump is not waiting to see if he is forgiven, nor is he waiting to see what his penance is (i.e., 12 "Hail Mary" prayers and 4 "Our Father" prayers). Trump is committing the sin, apologizing, and then forgiving himself (absolution) without any penance. It is as if he believes that his words alone, without any "divine intervention," are enough for him to be absolved of his sins. Admittedly, Trump is not Catholic!

A possible penance for 'the Donald'

If it were up to this observer, here are some of the things that would be assigned to Trump for his penance: 1) He would be required to hold a news conference and apologize to all Hispanic and Muslim immigrants to the United States for using them as a political scapegoat.

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2. He would be compelled to attend "cultural awareness" orientations and to write a ten page paper (by himself), explaining how immigration is the cornerstone of America's greatness. 3. He would be required to go to a junior high school in every city in which he campaigns for the rest of the election season and explain to the students why nobody should ridicule disabled people. 4) He will apologize to Megyn Kelly for ridiculing her looks at the beginning of every debate with #Hillary Clinton. 5. He will be required to attend and report on 12 "women's rights" workshops throughout the country between now and the November 8, 2016 election. 6. He will apologize to a different one of his primary election opponents whom he ridiculed at the beginning of each rally until he has apologized to all 16 of his opponents. 7. He will hold four town hall meetings in each general region of the United States: North, south, east and west. At those town hall meetings, he will apologize to Hillary Clinton, the Secret Service and to the American People for his comment that perhaps it was time to involve some "second amendment people."

For the love of country

Trump would state explicitly that although he does not enjoy having to be so self-effacing and apologetic, that if for nothing else, he is doing all of this for his love of country.

He would emphasize that winning the election is secondary to making amends to all those whom he has offended, and that he will go to the "ends of the Earth" in his search for forgiveness and atonement for his hurtful statements (his sins).

In other news

In other news, New Jersey #GOP Governor Chris Christie accompanied Trump to his first intelligence briefing on Tuesday. Although Trump did not specifically state why he was taking Christie, it is believed that he is considering Christie for a high-level post in his administration (that is if he somehow gets elected) that involves classified information. At this point, it is unclear if or how Christie would be confirmed by the Senate considering that he is a "person of interest" in Bridgegate Scandal involving the deliberate perpetration of a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge in which one woman died. Christie is being forced to testify on that matter next month.