#America being first is what this presidential election is about. #Donald Trump realizes this and it is the heart of his platform to become the next president. This is not about who controls the nukes, this is not about this country or that country. This election is about one country [VIDEO], and that country is the #United States of America.

Our borders are being crossed by illegals on a daily basis, and taking care of these illegals costs a tremendous amount of money. The cost of deporting them takes money away from American citizens who need help, the cost of feeding them takes food from the mouths of Americans. The free medical care illegals get will in some cases be better than what our veterans get.

We have to close our borders.

NATO has become outdated

NATO was a great concept, and was a necessary evil of days gone by, but make no mistake those days have gone by. European nations should be toting the note for most of the cost of NATO, but they are not going to as long as we keep throwing money that way. That same money could be used to protect our own streets instead of the streets of Europe. Japan and South Korea should pay for the protection we provide them, if not they should simply man a post and protect themselves. While we spend money to police the world, the world spends money to make products, take away our jobs, and prosper at our peril.

Patriotism at its finest

The businessman in Donald Trump sees this problem, and like most business people he knows it can be fixed. Trump is no politician, and has never said he was, or has he ever tried to be one.

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Caring about your country first is not bigoted, racist, or narrow minded, it is simply patriotism at its finest.

The liberals would have you believe that Trump is evil for being the way he is, but the reverse is more the truth. The liberals take foreign money before decisions are made, they take donations to charitable causes from foreign governments, and then they make decisions based on those donations. Liberals need a large amount of the American population to stay poor, and dependent on the government, that is how they guarantee their base, along with their jobs.

Trump wants all to prosper

Trump on the other hand wants every American to prosper, flourish, and have a legitimate chance to be happy. We cannot do that if we do not create jobs in this country. We cannot do that if everything leans our competitor’s way. We cannot do that unless we put the United States and it citizens first again, then and only then will we be the Super-Power the world needs to depend on.