Something very odd is happening in the office buildings, factories, grocery stores and even in our own living rooms across the nation when the name #Donald Trump is mentioned. It's the silencing of the Donald Trump supporters, which appears to be a growing trend in this country. So what does that look like you ask? You've probably seen it a dozen times, but maybe you just didn't recognize how it unfolds.

Like a submarine... it will surface

The Washington Examiner is reporting on the "big hidden Trump vote" and that won't surface until November. The biggest fad today is to get on the bandwagon and verbally bash Trump and those who go against that face ridicule.

It is turning co-workers, friends and even family members against each other today as the passion for Donald Trump is polarized.. you either love him or hate him. It has never been more politically correct to verbally attack anyone over an individual's choice of a candidate.

It's your civic duty to bash Trump

It is so politically correct to bash Trump, that it is almost become a civic duty. You see this on the train, at the office, in the lunchrooms and in line at the supermarkets around the nation. If that's not bad enough, it's almost like wearing a badge of honor when you get to put down anyone who supports the Republican candidate. If you want to know who the silent Trump supporters are, be very aware of your surroundings when disparaging words about Trump start to spew.

Next time you are in a group and someone goes off on how only morons will support the man with the idiotic comb-back, look around.

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You can see it on their faces. The folks who are all for Trump, but don't want to be tagged as that moron in public have a very specific look about them. They are smiling a very dim smile and they are not adding anything to the verbal lynching. Once in a while if someone is going off on such a Trump tangent one of his silent supporters might give a slight nod as if they are hearing those harsh words. It doesn't mean you've changed their mind, it is only a defense so they don't draw attention to themselves as a Trump supporter and be the target of a public shunning! 

They remain stifled

The silent Trump supporters are the ones who try to change the subject or who start looking around for a quick exit when the Trump talk spawns words of hatred. They are the same ones that stay silent as people talk up Hillary Clinton and who share their consensus that that poor woman is showered with  horrendous rumors! That's because if you are against Hillary that means you are with Trump! If the silent Trump supporters say anything it is that they don't care for either presidential candidate just to get out of the conversation.

It will all come out in the voting booth

Come November the silent Trump supporters won't be silent in the voting booth where they can have their say without worry of retaliation! That's when the tagged morons and idiots will come out in number and put the man with the odd comb-over in the White House because the silent ones know that Donald Trump is the only chance this country has of not repeating the tragedies that have been the main-stay of the government for the last eight years. As for that comb-over, it could be worse... it could be on top of Hillary's head.