Donald Trump met with the President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto today taking advantage of the offer extended by Nieto. Trump looked and sounded very Presidential and the hour-long meeting is just the beginning of what will be many. Closing our southern border will be a monumental task with coordination between the countries vital. Hillary Clinton has yet to even reply to the President’s offer to meet with her also, but she is dealing with another scandal.

Trump staying true to his word

Trump has maintained he will build a wall across the 2000 mile long border with Mexico. Geographically that cannot happen due to terrain so there will be other barriers of some kind used to secure those areas.

Closing the border is vital to the security and well-being of our nation, and Trump understands this much more so than his opponent Hillary Clinton.

We have laws in place for legal immigration we just do not enforce them. Sanctuary cities like San Francisco put the citizens of that city in peril by knowingly breaking Federal laws. Drugs flow across the border in such volume that occasionally huge amounts of drugs along with untold amounts of cash are confiscated. This situation is the result of lack of leadership the past 7 plus years in regard to illegal border crossings. Hillary Clinton supports sanctuary cities.

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Immigration will work as intended

Crime in all of our cities regardless of size or location will drop when we cut off the supply lines for illegal drug trafficking. Our citizens will be safer and legal immigrants will still be able to enter and become United States citizens legally. By doing so they will never have to hide from, or worry about deportation ever again.

Blanket Amnesty is not the answer. Some of those here now should be allowed to stay due to the circumstances they arrived here under, and in some cases things that have occurred since arriving. Others must be removed for criminal behavior, repeatedly entering illegally, and for crimes they may be wanted for elsewhere. Our streets will be much safer after Trump accomplishes this.

Trump’s immigration plan has been a work in progress just as his candidacy has. Huge strides in what to say and when to say it are having its toll in the polls. The latest polls have Clinton leading by an average of 2 to 4 points, and some have Trump leading by 2 to 4 points.

The race is tightening with time running out for Clinton to hide and not speak to the press who are licking their chops to hammer her about every new scandal.

Trump clearly showed he is the best choice to be our next President. He had an opportunity to bridge a gap with Mexico’s President and he did what a leader would do. He stood his ground, explained his position, and listened to their position, and something mutually beneficial with come from the meeting. Clinton on the other hand did what she has always done, failed to show up at all.