America is changing. The civil war is over and 151 years have elapsed. During this war, the south wished to secede from the Union on the issue of slavery, but after 4 years of intense battles were defeated. The department of Veteran Affair manages 135 cemeteries out of which 29 hold the remains of soldiers who fought for the Confederate army. The Dept of VA has now decided that flags of enemy soldiers will not be displayed on these 29 cemeteries as a matter of policy. This decision will be enforced from 2017. The Stars and Stripes #military newspaper of 26 August has the details.

Dept.VA restricts Confederate flags

This is rather a belated step and one wonders why it took the VA over a century and a half to realize that the Confederates were enemies of the Union and the American army.

Nobody had ever raised this point earlier and Confederate flags were allowed and flown. The new policy will allow only small flags on individual graves, but glorification with large flags all over will not be allowed.

In the surcharged political atmosphere, many supporters of Donald Trump have been seen holding Confederate flags at the Republican rally. Many feel that these flags are a sign of white supremacy and a racial divide.The confederate flag was held by Dylann Roof the accused who shot dead 9 black worshippers at a church in Charleston. It's a mystery why the Confederate flag which is basically the flag of separation is raised by many. I wonder if it's just a coincidence that the flags are raised only by white supremacists at Republican rallies and that too at some of Trumps rallies.

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Symbol of white supremacy?

The ban has finally come and earlier the National Park Service had advised all its affiliated cemeteries to stop flying the Confederate flag. This had been prompted by the slaying of 9 blacks on June17,2015. All stores at the parks were advised not sell or display the Confederate flags as a stand alone feature.

The Confederate flag even after 151 years of the end of the civil war is still regarded as a symbol by white diehard racists. One wonders how nobody took any offense for over a century.  Times are changing and in the words of  Rep.Keith Ellison the flags symbolize "racial hierarchy with blacks at the bottom". He would like even the small flags to be banned, but that may be stretching things a little too far. #Donald Trump #Republican Party