I’ve said this quite a few times writing articles about this election year: everyday we wake up to politics and it seems we never know what’s going to happen anymore. If you needed any more proof that this assertion is now the truth, we’ve now got one for sure: in an act of utter lunacy, a Trump supporter decided to scale the tower named after his candidate, Trump Tower, and thought that this was a good idea.

Trump Tower climbing feat was a way to request a meeting with Donald Trump

Wanting to prove just how far some people will go to make a point, or perhaps wanting to prove his complete lack of sanity, a man climbed the Trump Tower in order to get Donald Trump’s attention.

The stunt was performed for the purpose of obtaining a meeting with Donald Trump. Honestly, we all know Donald Trump’s a pretty busy guy these days, but I’m nearly certain there’s no need to go scaling his tower to get a meeting with him if you’re willing to use the usual channels and wait your turn. Nor do I think he’d encourage any of his voters to do something quite that dangerous and illegal. But heck, maybe Trump just inspires this type of craziness in some people. Or maybe it’s not Trump’s fault at all—and he just happened to attract the craziest voter ever to his side of the fence, or perhaps more to the point, his side of the tower.

The man has been identified as Steve from Pennsylvania, and if his hair-brained attempt to get a meeting with Trump shows how stable he is, I’m guessing it’s not a good idea for Donald Trump to have a private meeting with him.

Steve posted a YouTube video explaining his reasons why he thought scaling the Tower would get him anything other than jail time and a reputation for a lack of sanity. And to be expected, Steve’s reasoning, much like his final misguided devoted action, make absolutely no sense as a way to grab the interest or respect of a successful businessman like Donald Trump.

A message for Steve

Sorry, Steve, but I don’t think trespassing and disrespecting your idol’s property is going to win him over to your side. While you’re busy breaking the law and tying his name into this dumb publicity stunt, Steve, Trump’s trying to win the office of the Presidency. Sure, Steve, I’m sure that after doing all of that, you’re the next guy he’s going to want to meet with, hire, or even associate with.

Here’s the bottom line, Steve: you’re not helping Donald Trump out at all by associating this with him since he’s trying to tone down some bad publicity already. And by the way, Steve, didn’t you consider that Donald Trump just might not feel all that safe if he were to meet privately with some random guy trespassing on his tower in a way that demonstrates total insanity?

To make the whole act even nuttier, the man in the video doesn’t appear to be the same man climbing Trump Tower. It’s possible the YouTube video was made by an imposter and isn’t related to the tower climber. So, it makes you wonder—if the video isn’t really made by the actual man that scaled the Trump Tower, did the real person climbing the tower even have an agenda?

Or did he just wake up one day on the crackpot side of the bed and think, “Wow, I’m bored, I’d like to go out and do something different today that might kill me, could put me in jail, and will make everybody in America think I’m insane… I’ve got it! I’ll climb the Trump Tower.”

While writing this article, I was given word they finally caught the climber, so I’m sure we’ll find out something soon.

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