Clock Boy Ahmed Mohamed is back, do you remember who he is? Mohamed found internet fame when he took a home-made clock that looked like a bomb with him to Mac Arthur High School in Irving, Texas. The school called the police, Mohamed got arrested, and the plan to get rich began moving to the next step. Complaints were filed about the school district and police department for civil rights violations and religious discrimination. Press conferences were called by everyone involved or so it seemed. He said, she said, they said, let’s move on to the next step.

Lawsuit filed against school district

The charges were dropped, Mohamed was released to his parents but the school district suspended Mohamed from school for bringing what looked like a bomb to school? Posturing began as Mohamed was pulled out of school and the family moved to Qatar.

Things went poorly there with no employment to be found, so the family returned to Texas for summer vacation.

Talk of lawsuits make the news, as the family wants a $15 million settlement for damages. Mohamed says he has lost his way. No longer interested in building things like the clock he also explained how he does not feel safe out in public. Building is a very loose term here, the clock really was not built, in reality another clock was taken apart and rearranged so built is not really what that would be called.

Political correctness gone wrong

This is a perfect example of political correctness gone wrong. This young man used poor or influenced thinking to do something less than intelligent. Not one person created this situation but Ahmed Mohamed himself. The thought of spending money to defend such a frivolous law suit is exactly what is wrong today.

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Maybe we should make it where the loser pays regardless who sued, some of these lawsuits might stop being filed.

The world is a crazy place with terrorist attacks all over the world with more frequency. If you take something into a school that looks like a bomb, the reaction you get will not be one of wide open arms. Thinking that it would be is one of two things, the first being total ignorance, and the second that you are running a scam. Researching the entire timeline it would be hard to come to any other conclusion than that this entire thing was orchestrated. #World Politics #Policy