The Clinton Foundation turned the world of corruption, crime, and money laundering into total chaos today. The black-market is a buzz with questions about the future, and large stockpiles of cash from countries all over the world are being disposed of as quickly as the current possessor can find an avenue to dispose of those funds.

Much of the money comes from third world governments preying on the heartaches of their fellow countrymen. Still more is collected by organized crime by selling drugs, weapons, or the deadliest weapon of them all, influence. As hard as it is to believe there are politicians that will use the office they have been entrusted to hold by their own government or citizens for their own personal gain.

Business as usual if Trump Wins?

With the announcement that if #Hillary Clinton wins the Presidential election that the Clinton Foundation will stop taking donations from foreign governments. This classic case of too little too late has thrown the crime world into disarray. If #Donald Trump somehow wins the election and occupies the oval office the next four years, it may be crime as usual, I mean business as usual.

The Clinton’s have taken in huge amounts of money from all over the world for their foundation. This foundation has got to be the foundation of the lives the Clintons have when the American people finally admit the Clintons were a very bad experiment in crony capitalism and throw them not only out of office, but out of town.

Too little too late?

This should have happened when Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State as far as not taking these donations went.

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With authority comes opportunity and the Clintons took advantage of this opportunity to the tune of $140 million in 2013, while $9 million of that did go to charity the rest went into a slush fund for the Clinton’s future. Hillary Clinton along with her husband Bill, and daughter Chelsea make the big time Mafia families of the underworld look like understudies when it comes to skimming off the top, the sides, and the bottom for their own betterment.

Organizations like the Clinton Foundation have the opportunity to do so much good for the world. When the corruption starts out flowing from the top like lava from a volcano only destruction and despair is left when the money goes to those who are corrupt rather than those in need. The Clintons and their foundation prey on the weakest, hopefully the American voter will do what the FBI, Congress, and DOJ have failed to do by holding the Clintons accountable come November.