New Jersey Governor and former GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie will join #Donald Trump to his first ever national security briefing. The briefing is being hosted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); however, the FBI will not be making the presentation. That will be the duty of the DNI (Director of National Intelligence) staffers. The DNI has been providing briefings to the nominees of both political parties for over 60 years now.

DNI Director not worried

James Clapper, the Director of the DNI Office, stated that he is not worried or concerned about the release of classified information to Trump. Clapper stated that providing such briefings is a "long standing tradition" and that it is important for a "smooth transition" to the next presidency.

Clapper stated that the "significant threats" in the world today are of concern and that it is important that the next president is ready to take office and lead the country from day one.

Why Christie and Flynn?

Although Trump has not explicitly stated why he is taking Christie and Flynn to his first briefing, one can surmise what the possible reasons are. It appears that Trump may be considering Christie for a significant post in his administration, thus necessitating Christie's inclusion in the national security briefing. Some of the possible positions for Christie include the following: National Security Advisor, Secretary of Defense, Director of the DNI, Secretary of State, Defense Agency Director and Chief of Staff. Of those positions, only one, Chief of Staff, does not require Senate confirmation, which may be hard for Christie to get right now because of the ongoing investigation into his role in the "Bridgegate Scandal" involving a huge New Jersey traffic jam in which one person died.

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As for Flynn, it appears that Trump is including him in the classified briefing because of his past position as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, one of the positions for which Trump may be considering Christie. Considering Trump's total lack of experience in both military and government matters, he may feel more secure bringing along someone with vast military and government experience. However, Flynn has had his own issues with public relations, such as when he posted a tweet stating that it is "rational" to fear Muslims.

Resorting to lying

Despite the "hand-holding" from Christie and Flynn, Trump must feel very insecure, considering the lies that he is telling about #Hillary Clinton. Trump has made false connections between the Clinton State Department and the Clinton Foundation over emails that did not even involve her at all. The emails were between low level aides in the State Department and the Clinton Foundation involving job hunting and arranging introductions of people to one another, and did not involve Hillary Clinton at all.

Trump knew that but nevertheless tried to make a connection that was not there for political reasons.

One shameful apologist

Meanwhile, former NYC (New York City) Mayor and defeated GOP presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani has become a shameful apologist for Trump. Giuliani has been traveling the talk show circuit, claiming that there were no "significant terrorist attacks" upon the United States prior to the #Obama Administration. It appears that Giuliani forgot about the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in NYC, the one event that made Giuliani a national figure as he walked the streets of NYC after the attack, telling NYC residents to "be brave" and to "go on" with their lives. Over 3,000 people, many of whom were fire-fighters, died in that attack. And Giuliani does not consider this a "significant attack"? Is it any wonder that so many people now question Giuliani's judgment in supporting Trump?