New Jersey GOP Governor #Chris Christie, who stood behind Trump and accused Ted Cruz of being selfish for not endorsing Trump, has resorted to lying for the bankrupt real estate mogul. Despite Trump's robust change of his position on illegal immigration, Christie is claiming that Trump has not changed his position at all and has been consistent on this issue throughout the campaign season. Christie stated that Trump's position on undocumented immigrants always has been one of "no amnesty, no legalization, for folks who have come into the country illegally."

Record speaks for itself

Trump's record on this issue speaks for itself.

Up until last week, Trump's position was that every undocumented immigrant will be deported at once and will have to apply to be readmitted to the country while waiting for the legal process to take its course. However, last week Trump stated that he has changed his position and that undocumented immigrants who had been working productively could be allowed to stay in the United States.

Under Trump's new plan, the undocumented workers will have to have paid their back taxes to be eligible for his amnesty program. As this observer sees it, the record speaks for itself. Trump has been inconsistent in his position on undocumented immigrants and now has proposed an amnesty program, even though he probably would not call it an amnesty program.

Christie stretches truth even further

Despite the abundance of evidence that Trump has softened his position on undocumented immigrants, Christie still is claiming that Trump will round up the undocumented immigrants and deport them immediately.

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Ironically, the failed presidential primary candidate described this as a "humane" approach to the issue of undocumented immigration. According to the absentee Governor, who accompanied "the Donald" to his classified information briefing, this has been Trump's position on this issue throughout the campaign without any changes.

A medical license?

Christie's statements cause this observer to ask if the "Bridgegate Scandal" Governor has attained a medical degree since losing in the GOP primaries. After all, he is telling everybody that they are not hearing Trump correctly, and that there is something wrong with their ears. For the media and the voters to have heard Trump wrong as many times as Christie says they have, they would have to have something anatomically wrong with their ears.

So Christie must have acquired a medical license in the interim. The GOP just continues to get sillier by the minute, and there are still more than two months left in this crazy #Election 2016! #Donald Trump