#Julian Assange (the founder of WikiLeaks) answered Fox News host Meghan Kelly’s question if WikiLeaks had information that would be a game changer in the Presidential election, and if he had that information would he release it before the election. His answer was short and significant. If Assange does have a game changer, will it really matter?

Recapping the things we have already seen and heard already sounds like a Who’s Who of the Crime World. There has been an abundance of lying, stealing, pay for play, deleted emails, Benghazi, corruption in the DNC, and associates ending up dead.

Each of these thing were significant at one time or another. Some still are, while others are becoming more significant as more is disclosed.

BleachBit for those hard to erase emails

#Hillary Clinton and her lawyers deleted over 30,000 emails by using a program called BleachBit not only to delete them but also to erase them. If these truly were emails about Yoga and her daughter Chelsea’s wedding why pay lawyers to delete them? The State Department is currently reviewing 14,900 newly recovered emails, and taking that into account does nothing but increase speculation. But will it really matter?

Possibly Senator Bernie Sanders was more right than anyone could have imagined when he stated over and over again the system is rigged.

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The DNC email leak proved that there was more to that than just some tired old man crying foul. Debbie Wasserman Schultz lost her Chairman position almost immediately going to work for Hillary Clinton, so did it really matter?

Scandal after scandal, nothing happens

Clinton has always gotten through every scandal almost untouched. We know she lied to the families of the victims of Benghazi. We know she lied about her email server, and about having it wiped clean. She even made light of things when asked about wiping the server clean, asking if they meant with a cloth. We know about the pay for play at the State Department with Clinton Foundation donors. But will it really matter?

Now Clinton (who called former Kul Klux Clan Grand Wizard Robert Byrd her mentor) is calling Donald Trump a racist. Looking back, Al Gore called George Bush a racist, but it was his father who voted against the Civil Rights Laws in the 1960’s. Hillary Clinton is the worst kind of racist, the kind where you only exist if you have value to her, and that should matter. #Election 2016