Donald Trump has Bill O'Reilly working magic for him when it comes to reassuring the worried Trump supporters that the Republican candidate still has a very good chance at living in the White House for the next four years. If Trump does what he says he is going to do through his first four-year term, you are probably looking at the next eight years of pillows and cushions sporting the Trump logo lining the seats in the Oval Office. For anyone who has spent a night at a Trump hotel, you understand how the Trump name can saturate your surroundings and you can also picture what a Trump Oval Office might look like!

O'Reilly prides himself on his predictions and he has plenty of clips of himself at the ready to prove he said this or that a year or two ago before it materialized in the future.

One of his more recent predictions to come true, with a video clip to back it up, was about Donald Trump's campaign. He started by calling this situation "very ironic" that Trump has earned the Republican nomination with his "shoot from the hip" and "search and destroy"-style speeches, but today it is being used against him by some in the press. This is something the Fox News personality said that he saw coming,  according to The Week.

Making use of those moving selfies

Not only did he see this coming, but he has himself on in an archived tape saying just so! O'Reilly believes today that for Trump to make his way to Washington and take over the White House instead of Hillary Clinton moving in again there are some things Trump needs to do. That includes keeping his sights on the diminishing economy while giving a speech and he also needs to have a "less personal" presence when presenting himself to the crowds.

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He also believes a more disciplined Trump is needed. O'Reilly also suggests that the GOP candidate needs to pay attention to those swing-states and he can start by spending money in those states to get his campaign front and center.

One more future prediction...caught on tape!

Now that this is on tape, when Trump starts following these directions, O'Reilly can pull that out of the archives, along with a few hundred other video tapes from the political analysts who have been saying the same thing for some time now! It looks like O'Reilly's version of a selfie on tape is panning out for him when it comes time to prove what he knew before anyone else did!