So, Bill Maher came out of the election closet recently and out on the side of Hillary Clinton. But let’s just say his statements are probably not really all that helpful at supporting her.Maher’s statements insisted that America basically doesn’t want Hillary to seem like a nice Grandma candidate, but more like a fighter. What America wants, according to Maher, is something like a wolf that actually has leftover bits of “grandma in its teeth.” And no, he didn’t say which candidate reminded him of Little Red Riding Hood.

Bill Maher seems less than enthusiastic

Let’s just say, if you’re a pretty well-known public person, and you’re supporting a candidate, it’s usually a good idea to say things that actually help the candidate and don’t make the candidate sound like some sort of cannibal or type of dog, and most especially, both at the same time. But apparently Maher felt that his statement would do a lot to help Clinton. You know, I used to really like Bill Maher, but maybe this is showing how Hillary is dumbing down smart people, or attracting people that are not really as bright as they seem in the first place.

Bill Maher’s take on Donald Trump

As for Trump, Maher feels that the businessman turned politician has been able to convince voters that we should vote for him because although he is a “lying, cheating, conniving scumbag” (Maher’s words) According to Maher, Trump is somehow attracting voters by convincing them that he is an American scumbag that stands for American values. While I don’t really disagree with Maher’s take on Trump, I am figuring promoting the idea that you’re a scumbag is probably not really an effective way of attracting voters.

So if we break down Bill Maher’s statements, we can basically vote for the grandma-eating wolf or the American scumbag for President. So, exactly why did he think his statements were somehow going to help Hillary Clinton? Or maybe he just feels about the candidates much like I do, and much like many of us do—nobody can really figure out which one of these candidates is the lesser of two evils, and he’s trying to hide it poorly with a sheer lack of enthusiasm.

Who knows what’s really going on with Maher, but what I really do know is this is the first election where the ticket will read “grandma-eating wolf” or “American scumbag” as your choices for President.

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