During the 1990’s people were amazed at how much damage one person could do to the reputation of the Presidency of the United States. Then President Bill Clinton had long been accused of being a womanizer going all the way back to his early days in politics as the Attorney’s General of Arkansas. Clinton took scandal to an entire new level (or should I say depth) with the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

With the whole “woman’s candidate” thing being pitched about Democrat nominee #Hillary Clinton it would have been assumed that Hillary herself would come to Lewinsky’s rescue. Instead Clinton stood by her man as a 21-year-old young lady was destroyed in the press, while virtually nothing happen to then President Clinton.

Hillary does not care about women

Hillary’s actions do not speak of someone who protects and fights for women, but instead someone who says one thing, means another, and still yet does another. It was and still is simply about what is in this for Hillary. Nothing with her seems to be what she says it is, what she tries to make it look like, and definitely not what she describes when she is recalling the past.

Clinton is consistent though, she lies going in, she lies while she is in the middle of something, and she lies about the results. There are even times when she exposes herself as a habitual liar, when she answers a question with “I cannot recall” what she is really saying is I can’t remember the lie I told you about that. The truth is easier to remember because it is the truth. The worst part about Hillary Clinton being such a habitual liar is that so many people believe the distorted facts she spews.

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Road littered behind the Clintons

Following the road the Clinton’s have traveled since coming to prominence when Bill won the Governor of Arkansas election in the mid-80s’ is littered with bodies, scandals, lies, corruption, legal problems, dirty money, more bodies, excuses, blame, denial, more bodies, suspicion, and all along enough sheep following them to keep staying in the limelight of U.S. and world politics.

The two of them always standing in front of Old Glory the bars and stars is a sad picture. The only bars and stars the Clinton’s have ever deserved to be around were the star shaped badges of law enforcement arresting, and the bars should make a loud metallic clanging noise when they close behind both of them. How such a despicable person as Hillary Clinton can be the Democratic nominee is beyond what most decent people can comprehend. #Election 2016