When President Barack #Obama finally graces the good people of #Louisiana with his countenance on Tuesday, no doubt shamed into it by Donald Trump who adroitly stole a march on both him and Hillary Clinton, he should not expect a warm welcome. Indeed, if his advance people are not too careful, he might get booed.

Louisianans are already ticked off at POTUS for not bothering to spend a day off the golf links on the playground of the rich and famous at Martha’s Vineyard to offer aid, comfort, and a little media exposure to the flood ravished state. But to add insult to injury, the Obama Justice Department provided a 16-page guidance to the good people of Louisiana instructing them that they had better not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or any other basis.

That sort of dictate is just what a long-struggling volunteer spending hours pulling people out of their drowned homes and providing them with good and shelter or a first responder going without sleep and risking life and limb need to hear.

Another president, say George W. Bush, who came into some criticism for the response his administration made to Katrina, might have gone on nationwide TV, offered sympathy and urged his fellow countrymen and women to volunteer and contribute money. Obama is a different kind of president. He regards the people of Louisiana as benighted savages and red necks who need instruction from on high from their betters about the approved way to recover from a natural disaster.

Donald Trump has a great many faults, Lord knows. But he reacted to the #floods in a way that a president should, by showing up, offering aid and comfort, and drawing media attention to the plight of the good people of Louisiana.

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The media has certainly been negligent in covering the story, preferring to pursue scandal at the Rio Olympics. Trump, by showing up and showing respect, forced the media to cover Louisiana if only for a day. And, just by coincidence, he gained for himself a great deal of political benefit.

As for Hillary Clinton, who is also running for president, who knows where she is?