After the removal and execution of the two dictators Gaddafi and Saddam, a vacuum was created that led to the rise of extremist Jihadi organizations like the ISIS and Boko Haram. These extremist organizations quote chapter and verse from the Quran in support of their killing spree of Shias and other minorities. One other reason for the rise of these terror groups was the move by president Obama to pull back US troops from Iraq, leaving the field free for the ISIS.

Verses in the scriptures

The ISIS repeatedly refer to the Quran in support of their activities that include enslaving the Yezdi women and targeting peaceful citizens who are not Sunni Muslims. The ISIS are basically a Sunni outfit who claim allegiance to a pristine Islam.

The Quran is supposed to be the word of God and the Wahhabi Sunni swear by it. How correct are these Sunni believers? The Quran contains 109 verses that call on Muslims to declare war on the non-believers. Some of these verses when translated reveal instructions to behead and kill infidels. It is further interpreted to mean that failure to join this carnage will lead them to hell.

An unfortunate fact is that there are very few verses that talk about tolerance and love to balance the verses enjoin the faithful to kill the nonbelievers till they either convert or accept the supremacy of Islam.


There is no doubt that the Old Testament also has verses of violence. But over centuries Christianity has evolved and nobody believes in such verses. Even the Laws of Manu in Hinduism have long been relegated as a relic, only to be read and not practiced.

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The modern principles of Jurisprudence now prevail over the Laws of Manu. In Islam, however, the principle of justice as enshrined in the Sharia is still accepted by many as a gospel truth. The Sharia generally reduces women to an inferior status behind men.

Last word

There is no dearth of apologists who keep saying that Islam is a religion of peace and one of them is the US president Barack Obama. But over the centuries and more so after the rise of Daesh the bloody trail and promotion of violence do not support this view.