An ill wind divides the United States

I had a chance to speak with Rebecca Shankar, an immigrant to the United States who believes that the ill wind blowing through the country is not an illusion. She lives in San Francisco and these are her opinions--not mine. She believes anger divides the country she loves and there are forces at work she does not understand.

Gender issues divide us

She says gender issues divide us and if we would open our eyes we would see the LGBTQ community are just people who should be free to do and marry as they please. Yet, she also understands the young mother taking offense when people parade down the street dressed in leather and carrying whips in front of her young children. 

Death by the dozens divides our conscience

She listens to people who cry out over lives lost in foreign wars, yet there is silence when drones reduce wedding parties, children, and babies into refuse with scattered limbs, broken minds, and shattered lives.

She thinks, to the American people, they do not count. 

A woman should be president without division 

The people have the right to chose their president. Even if it is an egocentric business man that no one understands or trusts, or a woman with more baggage than a train car. It is not the job of congress or the president to pick a winner. It is the job of the American people. Or so she once believed. 

She listened to a progressive speak against fly over country and when she suggested they have the right to be heard as well as both coasts, the person she spoke with called them uneducated white fools without blinking an eye.  

Another person added that anger issues should prohibit someone from carrying a hand gun and while she might agree in principle, the constitution states: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." 

Even though she is an immigrant she understands that one of the reasons people are allowed to keep and bear arms is to protect themselves from the overreach of #Government.

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She also believes that criminals don't care about gun laws.  

Power corrupts and divides us 

She knows that governments must be watched carefully.  A well-trained militia is her security and her family's defense.  She worries at what point will security overshadow personal privacy and what happens when socialism destroys capitalism. She believes capitalism is the only economic system that raises people out of poverty. She does not understand why people in this great country would choose to turn away from the very thing that made them great. 

Universal healthcare will divide us

Universal healthcare should be mandatory. But Rebecca knows it comes with real thought about living and dying. Most healthcare expenses come the last few years of  life. To discuss universal healthcare without discussing end of life issues is a waste of time.

Becoming an American has divided us

She knows the path to citizenship because she walked it. She also knows that families who live in border states have the right to security and safety. 

Free speech divides us

Free speech must be guarded carefully.

People have the right to speak their mind without fear of prosecution. There will be hate speech but it is worth it in the long run. She believes in the freedom to practice ones religion no matter what that is. She believes citizens have the right to assemble in peace and to be secure in their homes without fear of unwarranted search or seizure. 

Rebecca studied the conventions of both parties, but it was nothing like what she expected. She thought issues would be discussed, instead, to her, it was a joke--a party, when she was there to learn. 

When I asked Rebecca to let me use her name, she refused. She believes her views are no longer tolerated in the United States. Sadly, she believes the constitution she so loved, that she sacrificed so much for, is no longer honored and with that, she walked away.  #Donald Trump #Hillary Clinton