The people behind the #Alaskan Bush People reality TV show have not announced another season of this #Discovery Channel hit show as of yet. Although it is a show that is seen by millions each week, and a big ratings grabber for the network, too much water may have gone under the dam to keep it "reality." It may be hard to bring it back for another season under the premise this family has spent the past 30 years in the Alaskan bush, especially when information came to light in the past season that the Browns didn't even live in #Alaska for a while. 

Did the Brown family go a bridge too far?

"Manufacturing drama," is how the Inquistr describes the rumored scripted scenarios coming from this reality show.

The rumors indicate that this is done behind the scenes to keep the Alaskan Bush People interesting. Many feel this drama has become too repetitive and now very predictable. One of the more prevalent mindsets coming from social media today is ... so what if the Alaskan Bush People episodes are scripted, it's fun to watch!

That's what TV entertainment is all about, finding a niche and keeping it interesting. It is a given that the Discovery Channel found that niche in the Alaskan Bush People, so instead of canceling it maybe they should tweak it just a bit.

Been there, done that...

Viewers have seen just about every rigged contraption that could possibly be made from wood, rocks, weeds and anything else found in the wild.

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The Brown family have been exposed to all the dangers wildlife has to offer, so maybe they should change it up a bit. Why not bring them into the city for the next season and concentrate on character studies of the cast?

Stunted growth

It is more than apparent that the Brown siblings are stunted in growth when it comes to their level of maturity, so instead of having them stunned by the washing machines and microwaves of the world, let's see them morph into society. When doing this they shouldn't repeat the episode where the Brown family found this "new world" shocking, like what was seen when the family traveled to the lower 48 States. Fans don't need to see them amazed by technology, air pollution, noise and tall buildings, but seeing how they create new relationships, get jobs and go to school would be interesting.

This stunted growth can be seen with Noah on a date in the video from YouTube below. Since Noah is treated as if he is a genius by his family and they are amazed at everything he does, he doesn't seem to realize that he is not a master at everything.

It is apparent that he is lacking song writing and music talent, but that doesn't stop him from attempting to serenade his date as seen below.


Green Acres throw back...                   

A new format of the show can follow Matt Brown and his siblings starting jobs, going to school and developing relationships of all kinds from workplace to romance. For Billy Brown, all you need to do is give him a house with a porch that he can stand on to watch as his family goes out into the real world and at the end of the day come back home from that battle. Sculpt the show to be something like the modern-day Green Acres.

At the same time give Ami Brown a greenhouse and vegetable garden in the backyard so she can continue to feed this brood fresh vegetables and fruits. It would be interesting to see how Noah Brown fares with his Einstein-like peers while perfecting his skills at an institution for the trades.

Bear Brown with all his climbing skills could put that to use and make good money working in a job that requires going to great heights, like window washing sky scrappers or even building tall buildings with a contractor. It would be worth seeing this family become either urban or city dwellers just to have this brood get the dental work they are in dire need of!