Turkey had a coup attempt and the aftermath of this attempt cannot be a source of joy to the USA. The Turkish president Erdogan has blamed the USA for the coup attempt, though there is no direct evidence available. In particular, Erdogan has blamed his longtime opponent Fethullah Gulen now in self-imposed exile in the US. He has demanded that the man is handed over to him but the US has refused. Erdogan has started a massive purge all over Turkey and thousands have been arrested and imprisoned. The US secretary of state has cautioned Erdogan against these arrests.

Tilt towards Russia

Erdogan is a strong-willed man. Despite a cold wind blowing between Russia and Turkey after the shooting of a Russian jet, Erdogan turned Turkish policy on its head by visiting Russia and Putin.

These are ominous signs as Turkey has been a member of NATO since 1952. These overtures to Russia are alarming. Erdogan has also shut the operations at the US base at Incirlik and confined the American servicemen to the base. The base is important as it stores nuclear weapons. The US had been trying to shift these weapons to Romania.

The Turks have been at war with Russia before and the Ottoman Empire fought Russia in 1877. The Turks however allied with Russia against Napoleon. This newfound friendship of Erdogan with Putin is ominous and if one adds the military partnership of Russia with Iran, the picture that emerges is extremely threatening for America. President #Obama's Iran policy is in shambles as Russian TU-22 bombers operate from Iranian airfields.

An alliance

Turkey is a long-standing member of NATO and the actions of Erdogan will seriously erode the capability of NATO.

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But Erdogan feels the coup against him is engineered by the CIA. Much of the evidence for this is supplied by Russia, which was doing electronic surveillance and recorded some conversations between army officers and CIA agents. How reliable this evidence is is an important point.

Iran has its own axe to grind and it seems to get into an era of military cooperation with Russia. Suddenly the leverage of Putin has risen in the Middle East. This possible getting together of Turkey, Russia, and Iran is a sign of the failure of American policy under Obama. There's a chance of the entire region getting de-stabilized. #Foreign Policy