Republicans turning on their nominee

To the #Republicans in the House, Senate, Governors, and state representatives. Shame on you for turning your back on your party nominee, #Donald Trump.Trump won the primary fair and square. He beat 16 seasoned opponents and garnered more than 13.3 million votes, surpassing the record of George W. Bush's 1.8 million, and Romney’s votes by more than 2 million and he did this while funding his own campaign.He's not a politician, nor is he politically correct, but to many voters, he's a breath of fresh air. Under this President, we've been muzzled, labeled, and told to shut up.

Well, not anymore.

We’re tired of staying silent for fear of repercussions; remember the IRS? Tired of the President thwarting the constitution, calling us racist and bigots because we want our country safe again. We’ve had enough of the blatantly biased media, ignoring Hillary's crimeswhile crucifying Trump.To the republicans who've decided not to support Trumpor plan to support Hillary, I’m at a loss for words. You’re acting like spoiled brats who didn’t get a trophy. How arrogant you are.

Don’t give me this bit about voting your conscience. Morally, you have an obligation to keep your word to the American people. Don’t hand me this nonsense about Trump insulting your wives. Where’s your outrage when nude pictures of Melania, from twenty years ago, were posted on the front page of the newspaper, for all to see?

Don’t tell me you can’t support Trump because he says things you find outrageous, inflammatory, or racist. Where was your outrage when Obama stood in front of the microphone and fanned the flames of race, or used the pulpit of the Presidency to call our candidate “unfit?” It’s not his place, not his job, and untrue.

Barrack Hussein Obama doesn’t get to decide the next president, we the people do.

Rather than support your party’s nominee, you'd rather give the election to the candidate that will change our country forever. Is it not radical enough for you? Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be a liar, a panderer, selfish, thinks she's above the law, untrustworthy, a master manipulator, and “extremely careless” with our nation's secrets.

Most of us believe your word is your bond and men of honor keep it. For those of you turning your back on Trump, you are a disappointment and you are teaching our children horrible values.

You’re telling the American people and our children:

  1. Giving your word doesn’t mean anything.
  2. Winning is everything, even if you have to change the rules.
  3. If you lose – throw a tantrum, pout, and disparage your opponent.
  4. Don’t speak the truth - political correctness takes you further.
  5. Embrace the sanctity of 1st amendment, unless it’s your opponent speaking -- then, shut him down.
  6. Politicians aren’t for the people -- just make them think we are.
  7. Justice is for the little people, not politicians.

Republicans, if you think we will thank you if Trump is defeated, you are sorely wrong.

I hope you are proud of yourselves. The people are not, and, come November, we will remember each of your names.

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