The movie Zootopia is set in a world where animals have evolved so prey and predator can live in harmony side-by-side. Judy, the main character, is a bunny who wants to be a cop. This is ridiculous to most because she is tiny and weak, but her determination gets her there. Meanwhile, there are missing animals -- all predators. Judy, with the help of a conman fox who happens to have a heart of gold, discover that these predators are turning savage and are locked up in secret labs.

The subtext

Once Judy cracks the case, it's over isn't it? The predators are clearly reverting back to their original DNA. At a press conference, Judy states this and alienates her new fox friend Nick, who was bullied and muzzled as a child for being a fox.

That's why he became a conman -- everyone expects me to be this, so why not go with it? There were many powerful silent actions in the film. One that my friend and I discussed was when a prey clutched her child closer when a predator sat next to her on the subway. Judy realizes that she is not following her dream -- to protect and serve.


I won't spoil why these animals went savage, but it was not in their DNA. It was a conspiracy. That and little things such as when someone called Judy cute at the beginning and she had to explain that it was "their word." Like "Other rabbits can call rabbits cute, but when a tiger does it it's kind of offensive," led me to believe that these parallels to real life were not a coincidence. I mean, she's a police officer. How obvious is that?

Anyway, I really recommend this movie.

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It doesn't demonize anyone, but emphasizes teamwork and living together in harmony. And all seriousness aside, it's also just a genuinely funny and cute movie for kids. It has received a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and despite the mature implications, it's a feel-good movie for the whole family. It's also not a bad segue into discussing serious issues with your children. Perhaps it's within a medium like this that parents can begin to address more serious issues with their children. #MovieReview #Disney