The Yazidi's are an ethnic minority spread over Iraq and Syria. They number about 600,000 and are one of Iraq's oldest minorities. They follow a pagan religion that is rooted in time and some have stated it has some relation with Hinduism. In Iraq, many consider them to be devil worshipers. The #ISIS, under Al-Baghdadi when it overran large parts of Iraq established its rule and Baghdadi anointed himself as a self-styled Caliph. He immediately ordered that the Yezidi women be taken as slaves and serve the ISIS fighters for sexual gratification. The United States is concerned about this exploitation and President #Obama has assured the world that the Yezidi women will be rescued.

Capturing the women for slavery.

The ISIS quote chapter and verse from the Quran which at places states that captured women who do not follow the Islamic faith can be made into slaves. In real terms, after the battle of Al Badr in 612 AD which Mohammed won he ordered humane treatment for the captured soldiers and their women. Unfortunately, the ISIS has chosen to interpret only those passages that suit its purpose. The capture of large tracts of Iraq due to a vacuum after the US withdrawal led to thousands of Yezidi's being executed and their women made slaves. Gruesome images of the brutality of ISIS have emerged which show the ISIS soldiers executing the women who refused to become sex slaves. Some of the Yezidi women who escaped from the clutches of ISIS have related harrowing tales of torture and brutal rape at the hands of the ISIS guards.

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ISIS also targets Christians who get a similar treatment.

The road ahead.

The United States is concerned about the plight of the Yezidis. Things are changing on the frontline as incessant bombardment by USAF in support of the Iraqi government troops is having an effect. ISIS is losing territory and Fallujah has been freed. Now the drive is onward to Mosul which is the headquarters of ISIS. The Iraqi government troops must fight with motivation, which they had not displayed earlier when they lost decisively to the ISIS. One can hope that the Yazidi women who are still slaves of the ISIS soldiers will be rescued. The Iraqi Yezidi member of parliament, Cale Salih has asked the world community to help the Yezidi community survive the ongoing genocide and forced enslavement for sex.