DRAFT. It has been five years since the last one took place in WWE. You might remember that night when the "Franchise" John Cena was drafted twice in the same night. From Raw to SmackDown and then back to Raw again. In 2012, the first Raw "Supershow" took place where superstars from both shows would appear. Going forward that night it was obvious that the brand extension was over. Five years later, here we are awaiting the return of the 2016 draft.

While the brand split had ended, we didn't see any mid-carders rise up. We did however see new up-comers like Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns come up from NXT and change the landscape.

For guys like Zack Ryder or Cesaro, they seem to have been stuck in a never ending cycle of "jobbing." With the brand split coming, WWE should take full advantage of building their mid-card to mean something. Guys like Cesaro can do so much more then "job." As we've seen every week when guys like Cesaro make their entrance, the fans cheer for him and want to see him take his place on top. WWE needs to capitalize on moments like that. Moments like that truly are "best for business."

Brands to have own PPV shows

What's better then a Raw and SmackDown brand split? How about the same split on WWE Network Pay-Per-Views! That's right, each roster will have exclusive PPV shows (excluding the "Big 4" WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, and SummerSlam).

Not only will each show give mid-carders a proper chance to steal the spotlight, but also they will get the opportunity to showcase their abilities on a PPV.

WWE creative should focus on bringing back past WWE superstars. They'll need some who have in the past made a name for themselves. They'll need to use those past names to work with mid-carders and "help put them over".

Let's face it, we won't see guys like John Cena putting over mid-carders anytime soon. So it's important to bring back guys like Kurt Angle or wrestlers like John Morrison. Having past legends work with current superstars will not only help get them "over" but also help continue to build and develop guys or divas characters.

WWE must book mid-carders correctly

WWE creative also should book their mid-carders right. They can't have the same younger talent losing every week and then wonder why they're not connecting with the fans. With a brand split, it should give WWE creative more freedom to build more specific storylines for their respective shows and their mid-card. If booked right they could build their mid-card and make it great again.

So there will be countless opportunities for mid-carders to "steal the show". The only question left is will WWE Creative capitalize on it? Only time will tell, but as brought out earlier they would be foolish not to take this advice.

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