Finally, an innovative idea both representing women in the United States that promotes some concept of fairness and helps us remember the little things about gender equality. In perhaps the nicest (female-influenced, social-media-forced) governmental move made toward balancing the country’s inborn sexism since allowing women the right to vote, there’s going to be a woman on the standard green cash currency.

Women got the right to vote 100 years ago

You know something, honestly, even as a gender issues writer who tends to focus on women, during my entire lifetime, neither myself or anybody I’ve ever met mentioned the fact that the lack of feminine faces on paper money bothered them in the slightest.


In fact, I don’t think anybody noticed because it was so ingrained. Not unsparingly in our country, we’ve never had a female president.

It doesn’t really seem like a lot, nor has it been as talked about as it should be, but any type of change for gender balance in this country is some kind of step.

Women, make sure to thank your social media

Thankfully, in today’s society, one can never doubt the power, quick spread and influence of social media. The $20 campaign became popular in its own right and attracted more followers, who pushed the concept into infamy. The impact of the viral promotion swayed (AKA forced) the Treasury Department’s decision, to listen to the idea about the $20 face change.

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I am certainly excited to hear about social media coming to the rescue. And from now on I’m only going shopping or leaving the house carrying $20 bills.

How did the voting go?

An online poll developed, allowing for individuals (in the most democratic way possible, of course) to vote for the women whose faces would grace the new $20 bill. The winning slot went to Harriet Tubman, famous for her emphasis on equality.

The new currency’s goal now is producing a theme reflective of not only American history but also the historical women and civil rights influencers that pushed equality. Many dollars will now have front and back features, with the usual presidential male marking the front, and adding to the back either an important historical female representing women or the images of people that promoted equality.


(We don’t mind sharing with those folks).

And perhaps even more exciting for this movement’s initial campaigners, they got their reward of demoting Jackson—not off the twenty, but to the back of it, while Tubman will now be the image on the front. But with her being the only exception to the rule, all other women will get “back” side of our cash currency. And wait a second—I thought we all assumed Americans both thought of and treated women the same as men in the country of equal opportunity today, right? Well, whatever, to the back of the line we go!

Still, there’s something to celebrate with the change, so women, you can give special thanks to social media and its ability to create a fearless female gang of policy-shifters (there really were not a whole lot of men jumping on that ship, no matter how much they love Twitter). Something tipping the scales forward a tad bit more toward equality in this nation and forcing the government’s hand say, for the first time in 100 years isn’t too terrible now, is it?

So ladies, don’t go deleting your social media accounts.

In fact, let’s not even consider it, please just keep right on posting.