The recent controversy surrounding the speech given by the wife of Republican nominee Donald Trump wife at the Republican convention presents a glimmer of hope in the hearts of those who had little hope in his candidacy. While internet users have set her apparent plagiarism on the spot, it remains the best thing to have come out of the mouth of all those who spoke and are named ‘Trump’.

Similarities with Michelle Obama’s speech.

Ms. Trump clearly read from First Lady Michelle Obama’s perspective, opinion, beliefs, and statements of fact, she nonetheless acclaimed that which we all find to be of value in our interactions.

Mrs. Trump may have been sloppy not to consider the mutilation her speech may afford her, but she was careful enough not to intentionally spurt out unsolicited thoughts, as opposed to the current Republican nominee. While the exact arrangement of words from the plagiarized speech may not show, the intention of the speaker can be assumed. It can be thought of as being patriotic, enlightening and visionary - all traits made manifest by the actions and expressions in the originator’s speech but failing to show in the skimming eyes of Melania Trump.

Trump might not have been aware.

Her eyes seemed to betray the sympathy she feels for those going to vote for her husband rather than the encouragement to do so that First Lady Michelle Obama exhibited while reading from the same script.

Mr. Trump himself may not have been aware of the similarity in the wording of the speech, praising the First Lady hopeful in a tweet that some say resembles the one he sent after First Lady Michelle Obama presented hers a few years back.

Blessing in disguise?

Mrs. Trump, while seemingly unaware of how people will react to the honest manifestation of her beliefs, gives Mr.

Trump a boost in his bid to become president- adding to Trump’s campaign what it had lacked all along- a show, or a sustained show of concern for Americans and the world’s children and adults alike- whether by mere pretension or not.Melania does this by borrowing from First Lady Michelle, only this time without the facial expression prerequisite if the words are to be trusted.

However, her husband has never shown that subtle appreciation of human values- at times advocating for actions that would spell out war crimes, answering important calls from his bedroom and even getting into rants on social media.

If anything, Melania Trump’s speech was forthcoming, and its effects justified. It is such incidences that reinforce the openness of the internet, and the need to preserve the contents thereof for future reference and for the survival and improvement of existing ideologies - a fact we would not be reminding ourselves today if not for Melania Trump’s speech.

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