Erdogan heads the Justice and Development party. This is an Islamist party and Erdogan genuinely believes the secularism enshrined in the Constitution  must be replaced. This is a legacy of that great Turk Kemal Moustapha  the Atatürk and many in Turkey still swear by him. Erdogan has pandered to Islamist views and along with it has shown an authoritative streak. He would like the Constitution to be amended to give greater power to the president.

Plans of Erdogan .

Erdogan draws his support from groups that espouse an Islamic state. His support among the hard-liners can be gauged from the fact that all mosques blared messages to the people to come out and support Erdogan and crush the coup.

The coup, in any case, was badly planned and collapsed. It will now give a handle to Erdogan to push his agenda for a more powerful president. It means more concentration of power in his hands. It will also help in his Islamization drive. The thinking of Erdogan and his wife is, to say the least bizarre as his wife defended the concept of a harem.  Ipso facto it means she supports the Sharia and multiple wives.

Worry for the West.

The United States would be worried at the happenings in Turkey. If Turkey falls into the hands of the Islamists all the good work done by Kernel Atatürk would be negated in one stroke. It will also mean a rise in fundamentalism and a greater danger to the West. Erdogan has already shown that he is not the man to seek an accommodation  with his opponents. His tough drive against the Kurds is an example.

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The Turks have used heavy artillery and ground attack aircraft to subdue the Kurds.

The future.

It is imperative that Erdogan is stopped. This man if allowed to concentrate power in his hands can take Turkey away from modernism to obscurantism. This will harm the west and the USA. However, there is a silver lining as many Turks oppose the policies of Erdogan and want that Turkey remains a secular state. The army was earlier the watchdog of the state and secularism. It is now divided and at the moment greatly weakened by its unsuccessful coup bid. The USA must ensure that the drift to fundamentalism in Turkey is halted by supporting the secularists. In case it means abandoning Erdogan, so be it. The stakes are too high to allow Erdogan to concentrate power in his hands and bring in Islamization  #Foreign Policy #military