While everyone is busy talking about Melania's speech, I can't help but think of how peaceful the GOP Convention is. According to reports, no protesters were arrested on the convention’s second day – when Chris Christy had them riled up inside, shouting “jail her” to the heavens – and that when they thought 1,000 people would be arrested each day.

Even today, there have been just 3 arrests, the LA Times reports.

Clearly something is amiss.

I mean, weren’t we supposed to have lots of angry blacks, gays, Hispanics, Muslims, and whoever else could leave their job during the week to protest? We even had talk of getting rid of the city's open carry gun laws

The only Hispanic I saw was the sad-faced woman that the Washington Post had on their front page for a full day, and she was a delegate inside. 

Currently, we know that the corporate media is really drilling home the idea that Trump has no support among African-Americans.This was further driven home yesterday when it was reported again that Trump has 0% African-American support in Ohio.

I say again because NBC News told us this fact more than a week ago.

So, if he’s doing so poorly with all these groups, why aren’t there more protests? We can only assume it’s because Trump is more popular than many give him credit for.

  • We see the GOP falling into line, although bashing Hillary is the main unifier, not Trump.
  • We see overwhelming support for Trump among military families and police families, especially after the recent episodes of terrorist and domestic violence.
  • We see Hillary’s numbers staying incredibly low following her email server scandal and the FBI’s refusal to prosecute it.

Most of all, we see that Donald Trump isn’t as scary as everyone makes him out to be. 

Trouble with the Dems?

The Democratic National Convention kicks off on Monday in Cleveland. That’s where we can expect to see protests, mainly with more disgruntled Black Lives Matter folks and especially frustrated and feeling-disenfranchised Bernie supporters.

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It'll be a show indeed.

Yes, that’s where the fireworks will be, for the GOP Convention has proven there’s just not much to protest against when it comes to Trump. 

The GOP did what it said it wouldn't – it fell into line behind Trump.