Every summer beginning in the middle of July the most annoying advertisements begin to make their way into our lives: back to school. It's everywhere we look; coupons start to slip into our mail, pesky commercials squeeze their way onto our screen time, back to school snack ideas can be found at the click of a button, and even YouTubers are starting to upload their hauls and must have products for back to school.

It isn't practical

My question is simply 'why?' There is no need for people to go out and buy school supplies this early. They're just going to sit in bags somewhere in your house and create more clutter.

I completely understand wanting to be prepared and not procrastinate but come on. What is the marketing strategy behind all of this?I just don't see why everyone can't go and get what they need two weeks before school starts. Unlike holidays, it's not as if once the 'season' ends that the products go away! Stores always carry school supplies. I understand having products for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. out early; it's only a day and then you don't have use for them anymore until the next year. With school supplies, you use them for approximately nine months and many times run out of something and need repurchase. Or, in some people's case they misplace them.

Competing with Summer

Moreover, why are they trying to take away from Summer? Trust me, I was the weird kid that was excited to go back to school. I still am, if anything it has only increased now that I am in college. But I want to enjoy my Summer too. Why can't they advertise for the here and now? Summer isn't over yet; there are still so many things that I'm doing before heading back to school.

There is still time to take some amazing trips that everyone will enjoy.

At the end of the day

If consumerism has taught us anything it is that people don't always act well under pressure. That being said, companies would probably bring in more revenue if the time period for school supplies promotions was shortened.

Black Friday, anyone? I'm not suggesting by any means that we only give people a day; that has it's own set of consequences. As it is with many things in life, one needs to find the happy medium. A few weeks is more than enough time to be prepare for the upcoming year without having to plan too far ahead.

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