There is the old saying, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, but to what extent and at whose expense? When the Kremlin’s friendship is all about hacking emails in order to influence the outcome of the 2016 elections in the United States, we are all in trouble. Should we applaud #Donald Trump for his assertion that he was being sarcastic when he called on Russia to hack more? To say that the relationship between Trump and Kremlin is a disaster in the waiting not only for the US but also for the world would be an understatement.

Politics of betrayal

What happens to us? What happens to our personal lives? What happens to our online presence, our romantic conversations and to the secrets we hold dear? If there exist a skeleton in the cupboard of an establishment, a betrayal of trust and confidence, shouldn’t we be happy that they are exposed? When people submit their will to the leadership of the group, should they play politics with their humble submissions?

A threat to democracy

The imposition of Hillary Clinton as the preferred candidate of the Democrats on the will of many, as revealed by Edward Snowden’s Wikileaks further attests to the belief that our Institutions are rigged, engrossed in secrecy and probably not democratic.On the other hand, how can we be proud of our sovereignty, if we are constantly being checked by outside forces? In my opinion, Donald Trump’s sarcastic comment is rather unfortunate and dangerous, to say the least.

The state is greater than the individual and despite our ambitions, Politicians must be aware that the destiny of a nation lies in their judgment. Trump and Putin’s love story is strange and suspicious, but not surprising as Kremlin seeks to have a more stable relationship with Washington. One thing in certain, Russia is not going down despite the sanctions imposed by the Obama administration.

Beyond political calculations

Putin must seek friendship from the midst of his foes and Trump, who has often claimed to be smart may just be falling for another Machiavellian. Edward Snowden must be checked, and as a nation we must rise to defend ourselves from anyone, under whatever guise who is capable to take away our privacy. If Trump is playing his game by taking advantage of scandals and supporting our foes, he should know that international politics is not Pokemon Go, it is about power; who gets what, when and how.

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