A lot of people are under the impression that #Black Lives Matter means that no one else's lives matter. This is where a lot of conflict is rising, and then there are the ones who really do not care about anyone's lives. The movement has genertated a  feeling that when someting bad happens to another ethnic race, it is not important and that everyone should only care about black lives.

What about blue lives? People are mad because cops are the ones who killed these people in cold blood. The issue here is that a lot of people see most cops as people who are risking their lives to protect us and there are always "bad apples" in the mix no matter what profession.

Not all cops are racist or trigger happy. There are actually great officers of the law who go out everyday not knowing if they will be home to say goodnight to their families. So why not Blue lives matter? Then we have All Lives Matter - this is a movement for people who are not understanding what is going on with Black Lives Matter. Also, it is made up of people who are just sick of the cold blooded murder on any race and not just one.

Perceptions of racism.

With all this conflict, people are being pegged for being racist because they aren't understanding what exactly Black Lives Matter means. They just see people protesting for their own race and not even blinking an eye for any other race. This whole misunderstanding is causing a divide and causing mayhem to occur and bringing us closer to something none of us want.

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Understanding the BLM.

Let me explain what Black Lives Matter really is. It is a movement of people who are trying to find justice for all the cold blood murders performed by officers of the law. Yes, people of all races are being gunned down and are victims of police brutality, but considering that the black population is about 13% of the country, it is happening more among blacks than with any other race. Does this mean if you are not black then you are safe? The answer is no. But the Black Lives Matter movement is here to help bring awareness to people that some officers seem to be profiling and judging black men and women more than others. There is a growing issue with police brutality among black people and it needs to be stopped.

How we can stop it?

This issue with misunderstanding BLM can be stopped if we all as a human race say yes police brutality is among all races but first we need to stop it among blacks through Black Lives Matter. Once we stop it there, then we can stop it with all people.

We need to come together and help each other get a voice and be heard. We need to stop the violence and riotsshooting officers who had nothing to do with these murders and use peaceful protests. We need to stop killing each other and start showing the officers who are not out to make sure we are safe that we mean business and that we don't deserve to get thrown on the ground or shot etc.

Some Police are profiling and that is wrong. So lets help them stop by not letting them to have anything to profile. Lets get a petition going to make sure officers are monitored and that becoming an officer is harder than just passing a few tests. It used to be a process with a lot of psych evaluations. There are ways to tell who is trigger happy and who is racist. A well experienced psychiatrist can tell. There are so many things we can do to stop this police brutality so we know our loved ones will be coming home at night.

BLM not a racist movment.

So when you see Black Lives Matter, please remember it is not a racist movement but it is a voice for justice for the innocent lives being taken all because a few act on racist profiling. If you feel that someone is not informed on what the movement actually stands for then peacefully help  them understand. Lets remember everyone is on edge due to all the hate and violence in the world. Hopefully we will see the day that all these movements will be a thing of the past and we can be a civilization that is not divided. #Crime #PrayForTheWorld