The highlight of the GOP presidential nominating convention Monday night was a speech by Donald Trump's wife, Melania. By Tuesday morning, however, 'a speech-gate' scandal was being cooked up by the cable news networks.

Melania Trump and the principle writer of her speech are being accused of plagiarism and the networks are joyfully making the accusations into a scandal by childishly pointing out that Melania would be expelled from school for turning that speech into a professor. The networks are probably not embarrassed by their lame attempt to make a major production out of the three few-second spots of Melania's speech that duplicated a speech by Michelle Obama; three spots that are being played over and over and even being discussed on-air by panels of "experts."

I am embarrassed for them however, I love the world of news but hate to see news networks turned into biased political side-shows.

At least no one has yet suggested that a Congressional hearing is justified.

True, a Republican speechwriter actually created speech-gate by doing a grievously unprofessional job and allowing such glaring similarities appear in Melania's speech and by not running one of the many available plagiarism software programs that would have caught that, but it's a slow news day and besides, in the eyes of many reporters, Melania needs to be punished for being the wife and supporter of Donald Trump.

Democrats and never-Trumpers no doubt thrilled

The negativity of the cable news networks probably thrills Democratic voters as well as their badly confused "never Trump" Republican counterparts. If speech-gate was all they wanted to accomplish in all the hours of preparation, they certainly must have spent putting their shows together, I guess they did a good job.

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Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for the Republican convention, they have not (not yet anyway) caused a Twitter eruption from the volcanic temper of Donald Trump, and they haven't even been able to report that a speech writer got  fired over the incident (not yet anyway). They were very happy, however,  to let the world know that they learned that the incident has Donald Trump "furious."

How will speech-gate affect the election? I'd be surprised if a single voter changes their vote over this, but then politics is chock-full of surprises, and I've certainly fallen victim to them too often.

As far as politics is concerned, the biggest surprise I believe I've ever had was President Obama winning a second term in office. If by some chance (and it's making me queasy just thinking about it) Hillary Clinton pulls off a victory over Trump in November, I might have to consider changing the theme of my writing from politics to something more predictable, like horse racing. #Election 2016