Even Mark Zuckerberg is worried about cybersecurity these days. It is normal that many of us use different and sophisticated complex programs and software in order to prevent hackers breaching our computers. What we do not usually practice, is placing the old fashioned tape on our webcams.

'I already have anti-malware' might not be enough

Zuckerberg states that he uses tape to cover the webcam of his laptop. This is something that many people would consider an act of paranoia, as they believe that being a target for hackers would be a chance in a million. Even so, webcams are a very easy target whenever you download programs from not so trusty sources.


Webcams can be controlled from a distance through malware that was wrongfully installed on our computers, sometimes without us knowing that we are actually being spied on. However, the use of tape has become more popular among laptop users with attached webcams, so they won’t risk being watched by unwanted stalkers. Truth be told, webcams being controlled from other sources is something very risky for anyone. Believe it or not, I started covering my webcam with tape while observing a smarter friend of mine doing it.

Even hackers can get spied on

Not all hackers are interested in spying people through their webcams, but some hackers are extremely passionate about spying. Among them are obviously more experienced hackers and less experienced hackers that sometimes interact via online forums where they brag about their doings and also ask questions and receive tips to improve their technique.

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If we think about the psychology of such hackers, it is somehow clear that they also do the spying to entertain themselves. Imagine if a person interested in hacking into people’s webcams entered a forum full of highly experienced hackers, asking for advice on spying programs, and while that less experienced hacker tries so hard to find out ways of spying other persons in order to hurt them, that very hacker gets spied on by the experienced hackers? Well, believe it or not, there have been hackers spied on by more advanced hackers, so we then ask ourselves: if even hackers aren’t safe when it comes to webcam spying, how can we be safe?

The possibility of webcams being controlled cannot be taken lightly

Specialists thus advise us to continuously update our manti-malware tools and to use only trustworthy software in order to protect our computers. But in case we are not 100% sure of what our digital protectors do for us, there’s always the physical solution which would never fail, the tape. #Science #Crime