Democracy and voting are really two concepts that historically in this country, not only define us, but that people fought and sacrificed themselves for. Regardless, our voting turnout in this country is downright pathetic. I empathize with your repulsion from voting as we look at the two frontrunners for the presidency. It’s not the ideal representation of a presidential election—it looks more like Dante’s Inferno crashed into the U.S.

Voting and why it may turn your stomach

Like many of you, I can’t stand what’s happening but I am totally mesmerized by it. So trust me, I get why you’re thinking you just shouldn’t vote; you can’t pick. If you’re not in the voting spirit, let me explain my voting spirit to let you know that although I also hate democracy-turned-dramatica, I’m still voting and can’t hate that action.


The debates always snap my motivation

One reason I have had difficulty with politics and motivation towards voting for is how I feel when I watch the debates. Each debate, I think I’m actually going to learn something. First, I’ve got to lower my expectations substantially. Next, I taught writing and speech for years, so I know every persuasive technique. As I watch these debates, I have that mental point rubric scoring naturally sounding off on how I’d grade these people if they were my students in debate or speech. About halfway through I start thinking:

  1. I am so glad these people are not my students.
  2. Is this the debates or am I watching a gameshow where the prize goes to the guy who throws out the reddest herrings and instead narcissistically pushes the policy he feels is most beneficial and important instead, blatantly disregarding the real question?
  3. Has anybody actually answered a single question here? Or are these guys dumb and they just don’t get simple questions? I mean, what if anybody, say even me, asked one of them something important one day? Would learning a new language be required?
  4. Is there a gong or something or did that guy fall asleep back there?
  5. Really, I am so glad these people are not my students.

As it ends, I realize I understand nothing and I’ve come out of the experience dumber.

Top Videos of the Day

To me, it feels like walking into a casino in Vegas with a destination. And yet, in the purposely loud discombobulation of gaudy patterns, you get lost in nonsense that looks the same. Then you get frustrated because you’re stuck in the middle of the slot machine distraction trap. You suddenly glimpse the entrance. So, you give up and walk out, disappointed about life and wasted time. And yes, you also feel dumber.

Voting means the people’s voice

While I lose a couple of I.Q. points every four years, and I’m almost certain this election’s going to result in some sort of lobotomy, I’m still voting. There’s no way I could disrespect everybody who fought and died for that action, or all the unfortunates who dream of the day their country allows it, out.


And I mean, honestly, if anybody’s going to need the voice of the voters to correct him or her amongst the two frontrunners about complete civil insanity, it’s certainly one of these two people.