We all know that the presidential campaign seems oddly over-entertaining. It’s like you can’t tell the difference between it and a show with Jerry Springer anymore.While I empathize with the disgruntled feeling about politics, I cannot agree with anybody throwing out their right to choose because of it. You abhor the candidates, not the right. What I can’t let go of is those in other countries wanting to vote, or what our ancestors went through to get us here. Once you stop exercising that right to choose then you let other people choose for you, that’s a path right into mindless citizenship.If you don’t believe how much I empathize with you about this election, I’ll break down my feelings again just so you can see how another completely appalled person can find motivation to vote.

My interpretation of the presidential campaign

When looking at the presidential election, I like to categorize what I see as the circus act, the ringmaster, and the sideshow acts.There is the circus act that says things that are, in this universe, totally not achievable by any means, loudly, often offensively, and without citing any sources. So how the heck did he make so much money? Aren’t most rich people smart somehow? Didn’t he invent something important you hate to use every day and hence hate him for?

This is no Bill Gates.

Then, there’s the ringleader, and she has the most experience. She likes to act like a strong woman, but I never forgot about that sex scandal that makes me question some of this reality and sincerity versus political agenda.

Last, there are the various leftover sideshows. It’s really like some freakish rendition by Tim Burton with his spin on an American election and voting going right down to the planet’s fiery core, but there’s no plot whatsoever.

And it doesn’t star Johnny Depp, either, so there’s really no reason for you to buy a ticket, right?

These days, I miss comfort

All of this unexpected topsy-turvy drama makes me long for what I’m used to and comfortable with—like voting for Obama. Maybe you don’t want to be in a room with him, for example. But at least we’re all used to him and he’s generally not completely mocking American democracy to make a television show out of it.

I don’t know who I’m voting for, all I know is that I’m voting. I’m honestly hoping technology will keep evolving rapidly to create some sort of reanimation machine. Because I think the only thing that’s going to save this country after all of this drama is resurrecting one of the great dead presidents. Lincoln’s my first pick. I feel that even though he’s been dead since 1863, he probably knows more about how to run this country to fix it than the given choices. If they can’t resurrect Lincoln, I’ll go ahead and write his name in and vote for him regardless. Because really, Lincoln dead or alive is just a better option.

The point is to respect the right to vote

So what’s the point of all of this, really? Don’t use your own disgruntled feelings to avoid voting. After all, the political voices of today, and historically, have been totally asinine and ludicrous on a variety of things. Yes, even more ludicrous than talking about bringing Lincoln back to life or even our upcoming election. And the last thing anybody with the right to vote should do is blame politicians for the decision to not go to the polls when so many others worldwide would love the option to speak out loud, like I just did.

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