Since the GOP convention in Cleveland, her name has dominated the News and social media platforms over her speech but who is Melania Trump exactly and why all the hype about her? Melania Trump is Donald Trump’s third wife after Ivana Trump and Marla Maples both of whom are now divorced. She is a Slovenian whose modelling career saw her hit the runways in Paris & Milan and finally moving to New York. While Melania claims on her website to have a degree in design and architecture obtained at “University in Slovenia”, this has already been disputed as there’s no such institution in Slovenia.

Why the current buzz around the potential first lady?

Melania’s current storm was sparked off by her speech at the GOP convention on Monday where she stands accused of plagiarism. That sections of her speech could be matched to one delivered by Michelle Obama in 2008 word for word points to a speechwriter(s) with a high affinity for “Ctrl + V”.

The theory of ‘shared values’ has been fronted as a defence for the alleged plagiarized text; while it’s common for people to share common values, what’s uncommon is for them to express the same in the exact same words!

What a great reflection of the whole Trump campaign!

Melania Trump’s plagiarism allegation speaks volumes on Donald Trump’s campaign of deception, ignorance and sheer ineptitude. For instance, while Melania claimed on NBC that she authored the speech, the campaign team seemed to be reading from a different script crediting the speech to ‘Melania’s team of writers’. This shows a campaign team that is confused.

Heads of States invest in great speechwriters and presidential speeches are subjected to microscopic scrutiny to ensure they’re impeccable before delivery. The same standards would be expected at this point in the campaigns but Donald Trump’s casual take on issues seems to have extended to selection of his campaign team where ‘anything goes’.

Paul Manafort’s attempt to calm the situation by blaming Hillary Clinton for “manufacturing the plagiarism story” didn’t help matters either.

This isn’t the time to play political crybaby. The campaign team must know that the common mantra: ‘Everything you say can and will be used against you’ – by your opponents of course! This also extends to anything you’ve said before too.

Unlike the primaries where Donald Trump rode on rhetoric such as the outrageous policy on banning muslims from entering the United States, this is the real moment of reckoning where nothing is brushed aside as a non-issue.

Values - what values? And what are we teaching our kids?

I find it ironic that Melania Trump's speech even mentioned respect as a value. So what value is there in plagiarising somebody's work!

The fact that Donald Trump's team hasn't taken any action on the authors of the speech could only mean one thing - that they approve of it.

So how do we even teach our kids on the need for originality? With so many freelance online writing platforms, what will prevent our students from outsourcing their theses? we'll in turn end up with zombies who cannot think on their feet.

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