The platform through which campaigns will have the most significant effect is on Twitter. Republicans and Democrats should get ready to make use of this amazing online community to get their preferred candidate to the White House. It will determine who will eventually win or lose. With just a hashtag, the pendulum could change in favor of Clinton or Trump and also mar their chances.

Twitter Population.

With over 320 million users worldwide and 67 million active monthly users in the United States, any candidate that takes for granted the powerful influence of this social networking platform, does so at his/her own peril.

Perhaps, it is the active presence of #Donald Trump that has made him loathed and loved at the same time and who knows, it could later work for him or be his undoing. Twitter celebrates scandals, gossips, gaffes, it amplifies rumors and spreads faster and more ferociously than the California wildfires.

There will be no room for errors as the election approaches; 140 words or less could change public opinion [VIDEO] and have significance on poll numbers either in favor of a candidate or mar his/her chances of winning. The fact that tweets are not detailed content appeals to the lazy readers and busy folks who scan through as if to grasp the content of latest News headline. The popularity of Trump or Clinton could rise or reach its lowest ebb if any of them fail to appeal to the crowd mind of Twitter community.

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Hypodermic Effect.

Words certainly have a hypodermic effect on the individual to the extent that, 24 hours before voting ends, a rumor of victory on one end could actually be a plot to stop voters on the other side from going ahead to vote.The online Twitter platform celebrates the deviant by making use of their scandals and gaffes to further their popularity. Melania Trump would not have been popular if not for her plagiarism issue. The Twitter community amplified the matter, but in doing so, Melania was promoted to the spotlight.

Controversial people are much more celebrated and sometimes pull more followers than those who tend to be politically correct. If #Hillary Clinton and her Democrat establishment think she could in her own words “bait” Donald Trump on Twitter, she could be getting it all wrong. Twitter is Donald’s domain, as well as his classroom for reaching out to those folks who believe in him. He does not have the eloquence of Hillary nor is he articulate in speech, he could easily be out of line and lose his cool when in a tense vebral arguement argument.

However, he’s got that Twitter power and presence. All that is needed to get the attention of 67 million people is to lift a quote at an opposition’s campaign venue which appeals to the bias of some and boom - the damage is done. Therefore, Americans should get ready to rumble on Twitter. #Election 2016