America has shirked her responsibility. Our foreign policy is a miserable failure. The #Middle East is a mess and the world is starved for leadership. We should be doubling down on the things we believe in. What is happening around the world should strengthen your belief in America. Obama worries about what might happen to Muslims while I'm worried about the decline of democracy across the globe.

I like my way of life and I believe in it. I am completely comfortable with the constitution of the United States but that does not mean I support the government as it is right now. The constitution is the only thing that stands between me and the chaos in the world today.

In Turkey, the airports are shut down and people are readying for civil #war. If Loretta Lynch thinks that all you need is love to solve the world's problems she needs to wake up. Evil exists and it exists absolutely.

I am sure our intelligence knew this was coming down. The U.S. sides with the #military and Russia with Erdogan. Is this just another proxy war? I hope not. There is no compromise with these people. Hillary is partially responsible for what is happening in Turkey. Obama is stating that we need to uphold the democratically elected prime minister, Erdogan, but if you think about it, was he really democratically elected? 

This coup is the last chance for Turkey. President Erdogan has attacked the constitution of Turkey and this is the excuse he needs to destroy the last bits of democracy.

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Erdogan purged the army just a few years ago and he has turned a blind eye to terrorists passing through Turkey and into the European Union. All social media has been shut down in Turkey. You can still get info through Reddit and Twitter, but it is spotty.

At some point, if this doesn't stop, the entire Middle East will blow up into a war zone none of us wants. Let's face it, Islamic extremism has flourished under Obama and Clinton. Argue if you wish, but ISIS is in Libya, Iraq, Syria and if we are not careful, ISIS will take Turkey as well. When they toppled Gaddafi  in Libya was our government so inept they didn't see or realize that if not us, then something much worse would fill the vacuum?

Right now, if this coup fails, Erdogan will kill democracy in Turkey. I can't imagine the blood shed, the purging, the sorrow in families when their loved ones die defending Islam or democracy. We need to be Americans. We value peace, strength, independence, democracy. We do not value socialism, communism, or theocracies. It is time to stand up for what we believe in and the principles we live by.