Giving me yet another reason to explain why I am avoiding my Twitter account, #GetYourTrumpGear kept showing up on Twitter today. Of course, it was bolstered by some six figures from Trump, who likewise, in a very confusing statement, insists he spends nothing on advertising.

Trump and Twitter advertisements

Technically, if you’re paying for something like that to keep appearing on Twitter, and it keeps showing up on other people’s accounts, you’ve put money into Twitter. And you know, Twitter even has a name for these types of things you pay for to keep showing up on other’s accounts. They’re called Twitter advertisements. So in effect I guess to Trump, Twitter advertisements don’t count as advertisements.


Somebody will have to explain that one to me since I’ve used Twitter ads myself. I’m pretty sure they are paid advertisements, at least, they’ve never been free for me. And six figures into Twitter sounds like a lot more than I’d ever spend. But, you know, maybe I missed something.

Twitter actually reported it a bit differently than Trump, calling Trump the first person running for president that actually paid for one entire day of advertising to run on Twitter. For the purposes of which one I think is really reporting the truth, between Trump and Twitter, I’m going with Twitter.

Trump and Twitter plus six figures

It seems to me that Trump likes to make people think he doesn’t advertise, as he certainly puts on a show about his lack of ads.

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He is advertising, he’s just doing it via social media instead of the usual commercials. That doesn’t justify his assertion he’s not paying for ads. But in the usual Trump attempt to say whatever he feels like over and over in an attempt to make something the truth, since he thinks he has the magic the rest of us lack to do this, he keeps insisting he’s not spending on advertising.

Six figures in one day on Twitter advertisements is a lot of money to dump on advertisements. And I think that means he is willing to drop a lot of money on advertising, despite however he wishes to describe this approach.