Donald Trump is a poor role model for the kids, so conveys the new Hillary Clinton for President campaign ad. While showing numerous wide-eyed kids sitting in front of the TV taking in clip after clip of Trump at his worst, one can only ask... where in the heck are the parents?

Hillary pokes Trump with a stick

Hillary Clinton's negative campaign advertisement along with Elizabeth Warren off her leash for her attack dog spurts are starting to look like a couple of hateful women.

The TV commercial invites folks to take a look at what the nation's children are hearing today from a man who could be President. Trump has some harsh and strong words to say as this country is in deep trouble, but he is saying them to adults. Maybe a poor role model for the nation's kids would be a president who doesn't always tell the truth. Talk about living in a glass house and throwing boulders.

It used to take a village to raise a child

Yet the woman who wrote about how it takes an entire village to raise a kid, condones putting these kids in front of the TV to watch this? This is not saying very much for the parents of these kids, who should either be sitting there and changing the channel because Trump is speaking to adults, or use the parental controls to weed adult talk out.

Who is Hillary kidding?

Sitting kids in front of the TV set and running clips of"The Sopranos"or"Game of Thrones," which are easily found on TV today, is the same thing as what they are doing in this ad, watching clips geared for adults.

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Parents wouldn't do this in the real-world, so why is Hillary trying to twist this into something kids are bound to watch? As The New York Times suggests, the mood is set in this ad with soft music and a sunset falling over a neighborhood. It was a nice try, but it basically backfired.

Not a well-liked ad

This is one ad that has many more thumbs down, or dislikes than it does likes. As of Saturday evening 3,335 people hit the "like" icon and 5,330 people hit the thumbs down or "dislike" icon.

The kids are so young and glued to the TV set, which is so unrealistic. Kids that age don't understand a thing that is being said during that ad and any mother will tell you this would not hold a child's interest for more than a few seconds at best.

If the tables were turned...

This is in addition to Elizabeth Warren calling Trump and his pickfor his vice president running mate, Mike Pence,"weak men." She started a Twitter war of words with her first post calling Trump and Pence, "Two small, insecure, weak men who use hate & fear to divide our country & our people.” What would happen if the roles were reversed and Trump called Hillary and Warren "Two small, insecure women who use hate and fear to divide our country?" Ka-boom!

Trump and Pence would be tagged women haters! So what does that make Warren and Hillary?

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