Should #Donald Trump be worried now that Jeb Bush has poked his head out again from the safety of his political family's womb and vow to take back the Republican Party? No... the voters have spoken. What makes Jeb Bush think that he has any say in the matter at the doorstep of the Republican Convention?

Bush delusions of grandeur?

For a man who wasn't anywhere near last man standing among his peers during the Republican debates, he takes an awful lot for granted. In a Washington Post op-ed, Bush is adamant that Trump doesn't represent the future of the Republican Party. Doesn't Jeb realize he is just too little too late? As far as the voters are concerned, Trump does represent the GOP.

So, does he know better than the voters?

Takes chapter from Trump book and resells it as his own?

From where many Americans stand today they see Trump as the only member of Republican Party who is up for the task of fixing what is broken in Washington, but in Bush's op-ed, he takes a page right out of Trump's book and tries to resell it as his own. Now he calls to end "crony capitalism" and wants to "establish a term of limits," along with creating a "coherent foreign policy" and build "stronger communities." Apparently he is smart enough to realize what Trump has been saying all along is what is needed to be done, but again.... Trump was there first with these ideas.

Lesson learned too late

Then Bush rolls out a lesson learned so far from the campaign trail saying, "This year has taught us the risks of letting personalities run roughshod over substance and principle.

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Let's reintroduce civility, ideas and optimism back into politics."

Another hot idea he hit on was "rebuilding the trust in American Government, but voters picked Trump as their Republican candidate because they believe he is the man to do just that. Somehow it feels like Bush is rehashing over things that Trump has brought to the forefront months ago and Bush seems to be finally on the same page, but calling it his chapter!  

Bush sees the light, but it's shining off Trump                                                                                       

It is almost as if Bush is describing his idea of a better Republican Party without using the name "Trump," but by using many of the ideas that Trump has paved the campaign trail with so far. Doesn't Bush understand that the voters didn't like what he had to say while he attempted a run at the White House and they probably still don't like what he has to say today?