GOP Presidential candidate #Donald Trump told the grieving father of a young man who was killed in Iran that he also has made sacrifices for the United States. The comment by Trump was made in response a statement by Khizr Kahn to the effect that Trump had made no sacrifices for America. Trump retorted back to Kahn: “I think I've made a lot of sacrifices.” Trump then discussed how "hard" he has worked. Trump also stated that he had created "thousands and thousands" of jobs.

Jobs are not sacrifices.

Trump did not explain how creating jobs is a "sacrifice" for America; nor did he name even one thing that he ever personally gave up to create jobs.

The reason he did not so is that he never sacrificed anything to create jobs. He never lost any money, worked extra hours, gave up a meal, or risked his life in any to create jobs.

Outsourced jobs cost Americans.

If anything, Trump sent jobs out of the United States. He opened up factories in China, Mexico, and other places and hired very cheap labor, paying only cents on the dollar compared to what he would be paying in the United States. Trump then sold his products to Macy's and other large retailers and made huge profits because he did not have to pay very much for labor.

Kahn slams it to Trump.

In addition to implying that Trump is a hypocrite for not making any sacrifices for this country, Kahn berated Trump for promising to block Muslims from entering the United States if elected President.

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Kahn highlighted the fact that U.S. military graveyards are lined with the graves of tens of thousands of soldiers of "all faiths, genders, and ethnicities." Kahn then cornered Trump again, repeating that he has never made a single sacrifice for any person or entity.

Emotional factors.

Trump made a pathetic attempt to blame Kahn's statements on his emotions, stating that Kahn looked like a "nice guy" whose emotions were controlling him. Although there likely was no doubt that Kahn was emotional, Trump could not prove that his emotions got the best of him or that he was out of control. Besides, it would not be normal if Kahn did not show emotions when talking about his son who was killed fighting for his country.

Trump denigrates Kahn's wife.

Trump made disparaging remarks about Kahn's wife, while seemingly unaware of the fact that in the Muslim culture, women usually are quiet and do not talk much. Trump mistakenly concluded that Kahn was quiet because she did not "have anything to say." It appears quite obvious to this observer that Trump is in desperate need of education about other cultures and their protocols, especially now that he is the GOP nominee for President.

Clinton and Trump to receive intelligence briefings.

Last week it was announced that both presidential nominees, #Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, will be receiving classified intelligence briefings from the U.S. Intelligence Office beginning at the end of the Democratic Convention, which ended on Thursday. A number of observers have expressed concerns about Trump's receiving intelligence briefings for a number of reasons, including the fact that he is a "loose cannon" who does not think before he speaks and both speaks and acts impulsively.

Charges against Trump.

As indicated previously, this observer believes that Trump should be charged with #treason for allegedly helping Putin and other Russians to hack into the emails of the DNC (Democratic National Committee). Those hacked emails were then released to the media by WikiLeaks. It is presumed that Putin's desire to have Trump win the November 2016 election, plus Trump's close association with Putin, led to Trump's assisting Putin in the WikiLeaks fiasco.