Everyone knows that the temperature in a car is hotter that the outside temperature. With all of the modern conveniences in cars these days it's very seldom that we see people driving with their window's down. I know I'm guilty of having the windows up and the cold air blasting while the girls and I cruise through the town taking care of errands, or just going to get ice cream. When I was a kid it wasn't very often that you heard of someone actually dying from being left in a hot car. There were many times where our parents left us in the car while they ran into the store or the bank, We were old enough to not need a car seat and this was in the 90's.

I'm not sure if parents these days are more careless, or if there's some sort of ulterior motive behind not checking the backseat before walking away from a car. 

Take a second look.

Even before I had children I always looked in my backseat before I got out of the car. Most times I was just looking to make sure that my wallet hadn't fallen out of my purse, or that my cat hadn't snuck in the car with me, but either way, when I get out of the car I always look. That's why it's so baffling that people are leaving their small children in the back seat and claim they forgot they were in the car.  I can understand if maybe you get out of the car maybe take a few steps away and then remember you have kids in the car and come back, but walking away and coming back hours after the fact, is seems to be becoming a trend. it also seems very suspicious that children of various ages are being left behind.

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I have just one question; who's kids are quiet in the car? Even my two-month-old is talkative, cooing and babbling in the car, making it hard to forget she's in there.

First-time mistakes.

The first time I heard of a child dying in a car during the summer time, I think I might have been in high school. The mother came on the television sobbing. You could tell that it was truly an accident. She had gone into the grocery store and forgot that her baby had fallen asleep in the car. This was in Florida in the middle of summer, so the temperature inside the car was unbearable even for an adult. It seemed like parents were even more careful after hearing that story. It didn't seem that it happened again until about twelve years later when a father did it. His story was similar and he was just as broken up over the incident. 

Is it really an accident now?

Now it's 2016 and it seems like every other day there's a report about someone having left their child inside the car and left the car in what seems like the hottest part of a parking lot.

I remember hearing on one report that the parents of one particular child had even gone so far as to look up on their home computer to find out how long someone would have to be left in the car before they died. A few days later their child was dead. I personally couldn't imagine leaving either of my children in a hot car - it breaks my heart when they have a fever, so I couldn't even fathom the extremes I would go to to get them out of a hot car. What really gets me, though, is that this is starting to happen so often that it doesn't seem like it's an accident anymore. Either these parents have some sort of sick motive for collecting insurance money on their children or want to be free of having parental responsibility, or they are just really careless. Whatever the excuse is, it's really sad that this is what is happening to small children who never asked to be brought into the chaos of having irresponsible parents, I couldn't imagine a death so slow and painful, no child deserves that.  #Health #Travel