#Donald Trump, the GOP nominee for president, is invariably castigated by the American media. I first read about the media's assessment of him in the Huffington Post almost a year back, where the editor classified him as a 'serial liar.'

Other media also castigated Trump. Now a year later he has won the Republican nomination, to the chagrin of the editors of established media houses.

A year back his campaign was dismissed as a joke, and many considered him a non-starter. Many of the media editors dismissed him as racist, sexist and some even referred to him as a buffoon.

Never the less, Trump stuck to his campaign with ideas which to many appeared repugnant  like building a wall to keep Mexicans out of the USA and banning believers in Islam from entering the country.

Despite this Trump, won primary after primary and is now the GOP candidate for president.

The rise of Trump

One can't say whether Trump will win or not, but the fact that he is in the final means he is in with a real chance in the coming election.One is surprised how the  savviest media houses in the world got it all wrong.

The fact is the original theory that only uneducated, clueless and stupid people supported Trump was seriously off the mark. As per the latest poll data available, nearly half of America supports Trump.

If only stupid people supported Trump, then it means that almost half of all Americans are stupid and that is not a compliment to  the most powerful nation on earth.

The fact is the media missed the rise of Trump. Why?  I will stick my neck out and say that the media heads are filled with liberals with their own view of the world.

Top Videos of the Day

These people hire younger people with the same views who write articles matching the general thinking of the big guns. Statements like " but everybody hates Trump" have been doing the rounds.

The fact is that the top brass of the media from elite Ivy schools have tried to superimpose their views, and these have gone bust with almost 50% Americans supporting Trump.

The future

The fact is the Americans are sick and fed up of the present political establishment. They are tired of being asked to be politically correct all the time.  

A large number actually are enamored with Trump and it would be wrong to dismiss such people as ' lumpen elements'. I have no recipe on what will happen, but media houses must shed their elitist bias and keep the ear to the ground.

A similar thing happened in India. Narendra Modi was castigated by the media as a Hindu bigot, killer of Muslims and what not and yet he swept the hustings with a massive majority.  

Who were the people opposing Modi? they were all from elite schools the Ivy league who did not have an ear to the  ground. It's about time the US media also got its act together and realized that half of America supports Trump. Win or lose, this cannot be changed. #ElectoralVote