North Carolina has taken a lot of heat lately for what are perceived as anti-transgender bathroom laws. The Public Facilities Privacy and Security Actprotects against discrimination based on biological sex, superseding any laws to the contrary in that state. Recently, the NBA announced the league will be pulling out of the 2017 championships in North Carolina, and the pull out is being attributed to the Public Facilities Law and anti-gender identification language.

The newest trend, to demand gender identification based on choice and not sex assignment at birth, aims to protect men and women who wish to use the bathroom of their choosing.

What isn't being discussed, however, are clearly dangerous laws that target women, regardless of what bathroom that woman chooses to use.

Other laws hurt women

In 2014, a Massachusetts court ruled that "up skirt" photos, photos of a woman taken up her skirt, were permissible and legal. The ruling was based on existing law, that the woman was not nude or partially nude so the photo was not considered to be pornography.

Former Gov. Deval Patrick quickly acted, signing a law that made the practice a misdemeanor in the state.

While up skirt photographs are now a Crime, the punishment for such behavior amounts to little more than a slap on the wrist.

Laws are slap on the wrist

Flash forward to 2016, when North Carolina purports to enact a law protecting against discrimination based on biological sex but omits language protecting against discrimination based on gender identity. Protection based on biological sex, the sex assigned at birth, protects women against men who claim to identify as the opposite sex to gain access to the women's room.

By contrast, Massachusetts opted to allow such men into the women's room and presumably will give each and every one a misdemeanor slap on the wrist for any compromising photographs.

Don't worry though. The Massachusetts legislature also enacted a law making misidentification a crime. So if you walk into a woman's room to take naked photos, don't be surprised if you get two slaps.

Why are we so up in arms over North Carolina?

Why isn't anyone paying attention to Massachusetts?

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