The word mujahedin is now looked at with fear and loathing. But back in the seventies/eighties of the last century, it was a word that had the respect of the US. In fact, a USA movie during that period titled " Rambo in Afghanistan" started with the words " dedicated to our friends the Mujahedin.." Now these words are removed. The Russians had invaded Afghanistan and the US, smarting after a defeat in Vietnam was keen to make amends. It took the help of Pakistan President General Zia-ul-Haq to arm the Muslim fighters fighting the Soviet occupation.

Creation of a Hydra.

The American presidents went with the advice given by the CIA and began arming the Muslim fighters with millions of dollars of weaponry and aid.

There was no control over these arms and Pakistan misappropriated a large slice of these weapons for use against India. The mujahadin was lionized and given all facilities. Many Muslims were also given asylum in the USA. At that time nobody thought of the lurking danger as the CIA and America just had a one-point plan to defeat Russia. The massive flow of arms without any checks and balances led to the creation of a terror organization that did defeat Soviet Russia but made plans for world domination as well. It was like creating a many head monster like the Hydra. After the defeat of the Soviet Union, the Americans just withdrew leaving billions of dollars worth of arms in the hands of Muslim extremists.

The result.

Americans at that time thought they had won friends. Unfortunately, the CIA and the administration had not done their homework properly.

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The vacuum created by the US withdrawal was filled by extremists known as the Taliban. They let loose a reign of terror and also gave succor to terrorist outfits which were bent on destroying America. 9/11 resulted and over 3000 people paid the price with their blood. The US and CIA realized they had to fight this menace. In hindsight, had the US kept a strict control over the arms and taken back a substantial portion after the defeat of Russia, things may have been better. The US think tank was also misled by Pakistan and General Zia who promised to rein in the Taliban. In fact, they did the opposite. The Taliban is a US creation and matters cannot be brushed under the carpet. Perhaps if Trump wins, the clock may be turned back. He is the one leader who has recognized the danger that Islam poses.