The Koran has passages that talk of forgiveness. In fact at the battle of Al Badr in 612 AD, Mohammed spared his captured enemies and also enjoined that they are looked after. Unfortunately, this has not been followed by the victors in any regime change in the Islamic nations from the arc of Bangladesh to North Africa.

The army and militia are ruthless.

A study of the history of Islamic nations shows that any regime change, especially by the army, has led to bloodshed. This has been invariably followed by deposed rulers being  killed either by a sham judicial process or outright shooting and death. This is more pronounced since the end of WW II.

Examples abound and as a start, we can see that Lt general Abdel Karim Kasim of Iraq staged a coup in 1958 resulting in the entire royal family being massacred. In 1973 Shiekh Mujibar Rehman the Bangladesh president was killed and his entire family including small children wiped out in a military coup. In Pakistan, the military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq after a sham trial on unconvincing evidence executed his mentor and Pakistan prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in a judicial trial which most jurists call a farce. Even in a secular country like Turkey, the 1960 coup culminated in the hanging of the prime minister. In Afghanistan, the Soviet era pm Najim was lynched to death when he came out of the UN compound. One has only to read the history of Libya and Egypt to realize that the military in these countries either in the form of the regular army or the militia owing allegiance to ISIS and Al Qaeda have killed with impunity.

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The deposed president of Egypt was sentenced to death and one is aware of how the Libyan dictator Gaddafi was killed.

The killing fields.

One wonders why such acts take place mostly in the nations which are predominantly Muslim. There are some cases in the Latin American countries, but generally, the killing fields are restricted to Islamic states. The pity is that this happens when there are passages in the Koran that talk of forgiveness and mercy. These killings certainly jar the mind and one wonders why this should happen by and large only in the Islamic nations. One does not hear of such killings of government heads in most nations, though there are cases like Pol Pot who had thousands killed in Cambodia.

Last word.

There is a need for a Renaissance in the Muslim religion. Muslim writers like Taslima Nasreen and Salman Rushdie have cautioned the Islamic world. It is about time the Muslims did some introspection and came abreast of the others. Islam is not a religion that deserves people who cultivate the killing fields.