NATO and the European Union are in shambles and with the defection of Erdogan the war of terror unleased by the Bush Administration is imploding. Erdogan, Turkey’s leader who was installed by the CIA, has survived the CIA led coup to dislodge him. Unlike previous puppets that thwarted the New World Order like Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine, Erdogan is in a very strong position possessing NATO’s second largest military.

Wash, rinse, repeat

What is happening in Turkey follows an all too familiar pattern.Wash, US installs a reliable puppet as leader in a “democratic election.” Rinse, corporate media markets the puppet as a democratic paragon of democracy in an undemocratic area of the world.Repeat, puppet loses their usefulness and is branded a terrorist despot to be discarded.

Installation of the puppet

Erdogan was installed in office by the CIA in 2003 after the Turkish government refused to allow US Troops to launch their attack on Iraq from Turkey.

Erdogan met with G.W. Bush on July 4th, 2001 and by August he established the AKP party naming himself the leader. A lawsuit launched by Turkey’s Chief State Prosecutor determined Erdogan an ex-convict was banned from forming and leading a political party. By 2002 the AKP was the ruling party and passed a constitutional change to lift the ban on Erdogan who was then installed President.

Puppet turns on puppet master

Erdogan has been diminishing Turkey’s military reliance on the West and in 2015 Erdogan rejected bids by his NATO allies for a missile-defense system in favor of a Chinese-built one that is incompatible with the West’s technology.

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Donald Trump

As a NATO member Turkish independence is not an option so the media branding of Erdogan as a tyrant and despot laid the groundwork for the military coup backed by NATO.

Coup coup cachoo the puppet strikes back

On the first night when it appeared the coup might succeed, US Secretary of State John Kerry called for “stability and continuity” in Turkey. It wasn’t until Erdogan’s loyalists rose up against the Western backed coup that Kerry and Obama called for support of the “democratically elected” Erdogan government.

Erdogan immediately began purging the state and military apparatus of the CIA agents infuriating Secretary Kerry who then warned Erdogan, Turkey could lose its NATO membership and be disqualified from joining the EU.

Turkey at a crossroads

The coup attempt has put Turkey is at a crossroads. Turkey can continue aiding the CIA’s terror and chaos or Turkey can adopt a positive role in the emerging Eurasian system of China and Russia building energy and rail infrastructure with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Since its inception NATO has been a subsidy program for other NATO members, allowing those members to focus on their budgets, infrastructure, and domestic spending with a declining America footing the bill. Whichever way Turkey decides to go, the gauntlet has been tossed and NATO and the EU are imploding. When President Trump takes office in January 2017, he will only have to clean up the debris.

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