Most people cannot imagine the inconveniences faced by those who lived in the previous centuries. Often, one wonders how the earlier generations got along without the availability of such luxuries as the internet, the convenience of debit cards or the taste of ice cream. As time decays, new ideas dictate our priorities, our culture and the way we associate. Much has been said about the supposed apocalypse of dating, with applications now providing ‘convenient’ ways of not only hooking up with a partner but casual encounters as well.

Information is now open-source, and so the dimension of Noah’s Ark is no longer hidden under the pages of the Bible, but on Wikipedia pages as well- just a tap on a screen away.

But most of us forget that civilization is not only affected by our technological advancements only, but more importantly- our eating habits.

All is in flux.

One thing that is sure to change over the next generations is not how we think about gravity but what composes our eating habits. As we progress or as we believe to have made progress in any field of knowledge, our general food choices are affected. The pressure on resources- the major one being land, in this example, is heightened with every ideological, technological or economic progress. If new ideologies do not directly influence how we think about resources such as land, then they will at least direct how we think about them.

Over the years, we have made significant changes in the composition of what we eat.

Compared to other native communities- those that are remotely exposed to the effects of civilization, our diets compose little fiber, and more of protein, fats and other forms of carbohydrates. On the surface, this looks like a non-issue, but over the course of time, the effect of our dietary preferences has resulted in increased occurrences of non-communicable diseases.

How so?

As our environment becomes complex, so do our bodies. The environment we live in ultimately morphs our habits, our preferences, our ways of thinking about things and our general composition- whether it be cultural or ecological, economic or social. The evolution of our species used to be in the hands of our environment, until we mastered our environment and are now engendering harm and calamity in it while we search for other lands to replicate our so-called ‘advancement’.

In short, we are now in control of our evolution.

In comes technology.

We do not seem to realize it; however, and live as though we have insufficient knowledge to subdue what is outside of us and inside – an assertion that is contrary to the truth. Our ignorance has led to the slow displacement from our pedestal as masters of the evolution process- in our ‘brilliance’ we have engendered another controlling process: technology.

The rapid pace of technology and the sloppiness in our adaptation to it will eat up everything we have created- from democracy to health, commerce to morals and even from our spirituality to our personal relationships. Someday, we are going to need a self-destruct button- not on our robots and the machines we will have created, but on the pace of advancement in technology- if ‘advancement’ really captures what they are- in relation to the pace of our adaptability.

We are changing our environment faster than we can adapt to it. While this remains to be pleasurable at the time, it denies us the chance to evolve into the super humans we envision being sometime in the future.

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