Introducing a foundation for the Clintons

So, what, exactly, does the Clinton Foundation do? It is exactly as its name implies—a foundation that basically aids and benefits the Clintons. Well, that is, it mostly benefits them—they allow about 10% of the funds and money they get to go into charity, in comparison to the usual 70-80% most charities forward to their causes directly. All I can say is, wow, how insanely generous the Clinton foundation has been to the Clintons. Anybody that has donated to the foundation must feel spectacular about giving their money straight to the Clintons.

But what about the causes the Clinton Foundation supposedly forwards its stingy ten percent to? Oh, right, those of you that donated thought you were giving your money to those causes, right? Well, that’s why you have to read the fine print whenever a politician is involved. Guess what? You weren’t. So, how generous you have been to the Clintons.

The Clinton Foundation started out with good intentions

Honestly, the Clinton Foundation started out with good intentions. $100 million was actually forked out by the fund in 2008 to get much needed medical supplies and medicine to individuals that badly needed the help.

But then the monetary focus started to shift away from the causes and more on the Clintons. In 2011, the money spent on this same cause was $1.2 million, quite a drop. By 2013, not one cent was spent on this cause. What was going on? Slowly, more and more money was being filtered to the Clintons and away from the causes.

Breakdown of monetary expenses

In 2013, the Clinton Foundation spent about ten percent on travel, ten percent on grants for charity, five percent on renting a 4,000 square foot apartment for the Clintons in Little Rock, two percent on technology services, six percent on office supplies, and, the last two categories make up the largest percentage of where the money goes.

Thirty-three percent goes to salaries, and thirty-four percent goes to “other expenses.” What, exactly are these other expenses? Your guess is as good as mine but I’m guessing it’s lining the pockets of the Clintons and not the charitable causes they say they support.

This money is also apart from the personal income both Bill and Hillary Clinton make when they overcharge heinously to speak at public events.

(Honestly, if you are willing to pay Hillary’s fee to see her speak and she’s giving out performances like the one she gave Thursday at the Democratic National Convention, you’re getting supremely ripped off. About half of the Democrats walked out on her, she was jeered nearly twenty times, and even Bill fell asleep at one point during the speech).

But, America, it’s a free country, and you can do whatever you’d like with your money. So, if giving to the Clinton Foundation is really what you want to do, go for it. But if you really want to give money to charity, get your head out of your rear ends and send money to help people that really need help.

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