The Iraq War is over and Saddam Hussein ousted and hanged. But the echoes of the war still exist and have intensified now that the facts have come out that not only was the war unjustified, but also led to the rise of #ISIS and loss of vast swathes of territory in Iraq, because of the vacuum created. The Britsh are people who introspect and an inquiry into the war was conducted. The report is now out and has squarely blamed Tony Blair the British prime minister at that time for it. The report says that the war was unjustified and Blair misled the nation and cabinet into believing that Saddam had WMD's when he had none. 

Chilcot Report

I was in London last week and the Chilcot report had superseded Brexit as news.

Most Brits were aghast at the way Tony Blair led the nation to war. I saw on TV the emotional statement of the Deputy PM Lord Prescott at that time stating that he was anguished with the war and loss of life of hundreds of young British soldiers. He apologized to all concerned. It was a very strong indictment of Blair and the unstinted support he gave to George Bush. The report also says that war was not the last resort and there were other means available to counter Saddam. The inquiry report by Sir John Chilcot was long awaited. Perhaps the inquiry report would have just gone into oblivion, but the turmoil in Iraq with resultant unprecedented bloodshed and rise of ISIS has brought the report into focus.

The result of the war

Lord Prescot also stated in the Sunday Mirror" I will live with the decision of going to war and its catastrophic consequence for the rest of my life." The inquiry report is a small consolation to the hundreds of British young men who died chasing a lie. The removal of Saddam led to a vacuum as the new Shia regime followed sectarian policies and this led to the rise of ISIS.

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Mindful of the conduct of Bush, his successor President Obama disengaged from Iraq and this gave a free hand to ISIS to carve an area of the size of France and set up their Caliphate. #military